Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let your memories grow stronger and stronger....it'll happen...even if it's not real....

you can barely make it out..but under all the magnificent works of art we did today..you can see a finish line drew up in white chalk!!!! what is it about a finish line that brings such a feeling of accomplishment..of fulfillment?? life is a long race...and everyday..we should be on a-game..preparing ourselves to cross that finish line!! its incredible what a small amount of belief can do for one!! when you running up..or..more like crawling up that dreadful steep hill of life...only to realize that once you have mounted it...there lies another ahead!! and another..and another and another!!!! you can't give up!!! you must never give up!! never!! because on the other side of one of those monstrous hills...the finish awaits you!!!! yess!! and that knowledge and assurance of making it to the end!!! yesssss!!!! that feeling will be worth all the pain!!!!!!! just ask a state capitol half marathon champion!!!

champ champ

memorial day.we remember you all

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