Thursday, June 10, 2010

hands of the artist...

when you were little..would you go to the barber..or hair salon..and take a seat in that grand elevated chair of a ride!!!! and as the hair stylist just felt it!! hard to describe..yet...kind of like butterflies but on your scalp/head!!! just tingles...tingles and more tingles!!!! no???!!!! and then sadly you grew out of it or either your father would begin to cut your hair and it was just plain out weird to think of such a sensation!!!
i miss those days....that feeling!!!
welllll...tonight...having done sooo much with my peeps and homies...i rediscovered that missing inner peace slash head soothing action!!!

the artist is he or she who determines the worth of their work! yah!! dont say you cant! dont do it! dont be the one who holds yourself back from realizing the beauty behind those gifted hands!! its there!! i promise!! where you stand is the where you begin! dont stop! go help them lil ones discover that feeling..i was describing earlier!!! hahaaa!!! its real!!!! trust me!! i want it!


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