Friday, June 25, 2010


435am..the usual hour and minute of my morning break
450am..lately has been the hour of my early roll outa bed
9ish-10ish..usual nap
11ish..shower and packing my lunch
9ish..the moment of doubt and wonder

i come home! well drive home from work wondering if dallas were a better fit for me! nice food..arroz con gieso..,mamalinda..100plus temp..and the list goes on and on... pick up from where i left off...i arrive at the house...and it seems to me that there is never an end to that word....w.o.r.k!?
this photo i guess puts it better than i can!
i need to apply this rule in my life a little more diligently! heck if we all did..think of the change there would be!

no more..

work is indeed what we are here for
and im here in provo to do so

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  1. John, sometimes I wonder if WE should be in provo. eigther way, in our hearts you are here and we are there, together forever :)