Wednesday, June 16, 2010

purple mountain majesties...

today! we celebrate the birth of Gracie Lama Murrugarra!!
she never had a middle name :)


so grace and i were little would go about telling people that we were artists! and that the songs you heard on the radio station were indeed her and i..hehehee...but gracie and i did in fact write a song...the purple mountain majesties..and we grew up singing this song! the purple mountain majesties...!! we would superman lays on their back while supporting the other on his or her that other imitates superman! however our game...we imitated being a purple mountain! while singing our song!! the purple mountain majesties...yahhh..
i love this photo i captured today! it depicts what a purple mountain majesty may look like!!
but in all reality! if we look it at the real picture of life..gracie has always been that purple mountain majesty! proud.high above.majestic.beautiful.bringing a nice bright edge to the gloomy skies! yah yah!!!!
i thank the world for her being a part of it! my childhood years wouldnt have been what they were without her! oh purple purple mountain majesties! how i hear yal calling us in the distance! i miss those days! but...

izzz sawwwww guuuuuuuD!!

everyone is happy where we are! and today is where we find true happiness!! today!

happy happy happy birthday..
Sista on da hook
love you


  1. purple headed majesties was a song that mrs. russell had us memorize to sing. for some reason when i think of that song, i think of you having me tackle you to see how strong you were for football! hehe
    growing up was a trip!! haha i can think of so many memories that me laugh and smilE! man i love it! life is gooood.....real gooood!
    miss you bro! best friends forever!! just like todd and copper!