Monday, January 31, 2011

gunnna make it!!!

merci beaucoup!!!
i love this stuffff!! save the best flava for last!


Sunday, January 30, 2011


They ALL made it throughout the day! surprisingly!!! a bit out of contrast! nevertheless they survived! ya see that BIGn on the pinky bling finga?! haaa!! my pal!!! even has a name! haa...helped me keep steady this evening up on the mountains!!! with just the slightest bit of contact with the was perfect! kept me up on my feet!! strange enough...i can no longer feel my hands!! neither one!!! i just lost grip of my frosty earlier and im amazed at the job theyre doing now!! bon travail!!! well..HANDS..manos..mains!! were the highlight of my day!!!
arent we so blessed to have hands??!! let us use them for the best!! and please no stuck rings! for the BEST!!


Saturday, January 29, 2011


macaroni vs japanese stir-fry
the only thing that shop had going for it!!!!!
was this lovely to-go box!!!
loook look! the fork is poking through the lid!!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

..i gotaa see ya booo..hearts all over the world tonight.

I don't usually eat breakfast. Well, I guess I do if you count cereal! and even then..thats if we have vitamin d milk! When I do though, I'm much hungrier for the rest of the morning however if I don't have breakfast I can usually wait till 1pm or later to have lunch, while if I do I'm starving by 11:30 or earlier. This seems odd to me, since I've always heard it's healthier to eat breakfast (and that it helps you eat less overall) weiRdddd!!

so this morning I woke up to a roaring belly!! supppR I made some toast for branty and i!! buttR and stRawbRRy jelly! with some kool-aid (pink-lemonade) ! i didn't want to eat too much! cuzzz..

i wannted sum noodles!! not just any number of ordinary nooodles! i wannted the "beest"!! a friend says that we can find some extraordinarily delicious noodles at some shop here in town!?!? im all about it! is interesting article on the effects of eating late at night! ive always been told how this can ruin the healthy status of my life...wuteVr! but maybe it explains why i woke up soooo huungRy! j'sais pas?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You dunt kno anyztheeng!!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

"theese a guud one"

these past few days, ive caught myself being quick
to judge...on quite a number of occasions! maybe
it is because i now spend almost all my days inside
a very large attractive cement building also known
as provo town center mall. greeting and treating is
the name of the game! no one seems to enjoy playing
with me! stevie and gracie..and heck..dusty would
love it! back to the roots! i love it though. well my
new job. however, back to my main thought about
this newly once again peeving habit that i have
acquired...i feel like i need to be more muh brotha
i met at d.i the other night. i was interested in buying
some new boots and my friends were ironically
hating/judging ALLUPONMAE! so, i found the
nearest customer attendant and asked for his
opinion! NO trace of judgment whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!
just..straight up honest, genuine and true!!
"theese a guud one"
amen. brotha! you were my hero this week!


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