Monday, April 30, 2012




they always call my mother “pila” which means “battery” in spanish. she is most definitely my battery, so full of energy, wisdom, power, and love. her middle name is Pilar therefore they would often shorten it and use “pila” but isnt Pilar so beautiful.

she shared some advice with me today and I would like to share a few things that made a difference for me.

we make choices everyday. we cant make choices for others. but we are where we are today because of our choices. and we are to be here where we are today. and that is a great reassurance. to know that our choices make up our life. it is up to us. and we will continue to chose as life goes on.

we should not be afraid to slow down when we feel that we may be getting ahead of ourselves. “just because it isnt like how we would like it to be right now doesn’t mean that when we get there it is going to be perfect either.”

my mother then uses a perfect example to explain this concept. she adds that when you are in 6th grade and you feel like nothing is going right. you don’t feel like you belong in elementary school any longer. you need to move on to bigger and better things. the food is no good but they say it is in middle school. only to realize that when you walk through those doors as a 7th grader once you’ve graduated from elementary to middle school, you enter a whole new world. you are the youngest. you get picked on. your lunch money gets stolen so no food at all. and then you start to remember in fact how good elementary school really was.

we are to enjoy our issues. we are even to embrace them. because there will be more to come and the next ones might be more trying and more difficult. and we will want to come back to the ones we initially thought were unbearable. where we are today and its life lessons are for us and what we need right now.

you see. that’s why I shared her wise counsel.



Sunday, April 29, 2012



two things

two related things

1. I decided to sell some old clothes today at platos. I made bank. I thought I could afford a shirt from the thrift store so I stopped by on my way home. I almost always head first for the shoe racks. nothing good today. I saw a small girl twirling around and around. she kept trying on “ballerina” shoes. it was so adorable. whether they were three sizes too big or three sizes too small she still attempted to put them on her feet. she began asking her dad why there were so many “ballerina” shoes. she then asked if she could have a pair. she confidently said that she would become the best ballerina in the world. I kid you not. the best in the world. I was surprised and taken aback. she left a mark on my heart and I thought about how we can live out dreams. here and now. her parents started heading towards the exit so her dreams of owning “ballerina” shoes were put on hold for now but we never know. she believed though.

2. I was heading back to my car and I saw a young girl who definitely was a dancer. she gracefully covered the parking lot on her way towards her car. she was definitely playing ballerina in her little heart.

three things actually

3. I used to work in a mall. I would spend a lot of time on the floor greeting customers as they walked by our store. one day, there was a group of special children and one in particular. she was about 13 years old. long beautiful curly brown hair. glasses. a longer pink dress on. white tube socks. I said hello and her reaction was unexpected. she grabbed my hands and began dancing. I humbly and happily began to spin her in circles. it was a special moment. for her. I don’t know so much. she was an angel.

there is this deep desire to simply and truly be delighted in and to feel beautiful. little girls are so special. they are beautiful in the sight of the Master. when they dream on becoming the best ballerina in the world or dance along the parking lot grounds or delight in dancing with strangers like me it only strengthens your appreciation for their role in the great plan. I have three younger sisters who are so important to me. the best mother anyone could ask for. and one day. yah. one day. that’ll be the day.




Wednesday, April 25, 2012

all day

the weather is getting hot around here. i made my way up to salt lake this weekend and my back was damp upon arriving. i was like, really.
i felt like the left side of my body was more tanned than the other.
anyhow, i had this morning off which was quite pleasant. by noon, when i was to go into work, it was already super hot. i had my windows rolled down and this song came on. by the way, i only listen to country these days. well, there is a gentleman in a larger truck to the left of me and he seems to be on the phone. while sitting at the red light i crank up the radio and start singing out as loud as i can. i see him look over in my peripheral . but do i stop?
i begin to sing louder and louder. ha.
and since this afternoon, i can only hear this song in my head.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wise purpose

talk about getting to know a different world. such a get away.
keri and i say hi from reno, nevada oh and did we mention that we spent a day in california.
yah, my first time ever.


Slow down baby

No trying to run faster than the kid on the bike. Because he will beat you.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Humans and dancers

I am a child of God, And so my needs are great; Help me to understand his words Before it grows to late. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, Help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do To live with him someday


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

stars up above

i woke up monday morning to this tune. i thought to myself. it is about time i set
a video to this track. and what better footage to capture than of my beautiful
family? they deserve it and so much more! i spent the weekend with them for
happy easters! they are so kind. they are all and i mean ALL so supportive.
they are ALL so wise. when in the world did that happen? ha. they have so
confidence in me. more than i can muster up myself. but that is changing. and
it has been for the past little while. it feels so good. once and for all this is going
to work. i just know it. YES! YES! I do!


Monday, April 9, 2012

oh sweet the joy this sentence gives


He lives. So that we might.

He loves. And so we must.


And I was reminded of this truth once again today.




Friday, April 6, 2012


The soul!

It's a beautiful relieving effect.


Monday, April 2, 2012


Surg leaves tomorrow. I thought. I haven't seen you in three years. I think I can lose some sleep tonight and catch up tomorrow.