Wednesday, November 13, 2013

6 mois (months)


veteran's day was good to us. our friend mallory came down to visit. with the day off from class and school and work we decided to sleep in a little bit and then head out to explore the country side. we read of a town that was actually one of the first towns to be powered by electricity in the mid 1800's because of the creation of a dams. so we head on over and found a nice little hike. it was just magnificient. jessie packed us all a lunch and it was delish. jessie even dared jump over a natural crater crack of some sort as seen in the above photo. i wanted to pull a stunt only seen in the movies but jessie wouldn't let. i thank her for so much. it was actually the mark of our 6 month anniversary. before knowing mallory would be there, i, if i may add, made a reservation at a sushi restaraunt in geneva for that evening. we were happy to have a friend accompany us. the sushi house actually had a creative functioning train make the rounds of the bar and on it were little plates of sushi. they were labeled white, green, red, and gold according to their prices. i told jessie that she would have to wait until our 1 year anni to grab any gold ones. haaa. it was a great day and i add that we are so thankful and blessed to have fathers represent the courage, bravery and strength of our dear country of America.





 jessie and i read about a "self-proclaimed freetown" in copenhagen and it sounded so intriguing to us. we had planned on visiting the hot spot but we got lost in doing so. we jumped on a random bus and took it to the very end also know as a terminus in french. it took us to a beautiful opera house on the river overlooking the city across the water. we asked the bus driver where this so-called suburbian free town was located and he said he would take us right by it so we stayed on. it was only a couple of stops from where we had been when he waved us down indicating that it was our stop. we jumped off in the gloomy, misty weather. we still were a little clueless as to where to go but as the bus driver drove past us he pointed to a shady alleyway. wow, we said. as we approached the pathway, i couldn't help but notice a few odd characters walking our way. i quickly put on the tough mode john and we continued on. there was graffati everywhere. right before we actually walked through a broken fence we saw a large sign listing off the community rules: no photos, no running, just peace and love, something like that but one thing is certain is that it said in large cap letters YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION. luckily just right before we saw the sign i grabbed this photo and it was the last i got. i asked jessie if she had ever seen teenage mutant ninja turtles because i felt like i had just entered the underground world of criminals where Shredder and his clan hung out. of course, she had never seen the movie, which if i may add is a classic. anyhow, a certain man told me to no photos no photos in broken english so i was sure to put it away. what we came across next is something i have never experienced in my life. there was a street called pusher street and it was also known as the green light district. there were so many boutiques some covered some not and what they were selling was pot. it came in all shapes, sizes, sorts, strengths, etc. there were rocks and crystals and i don't even know. we spoke to a dealer and he said that the pot they sold was not to get you high but get you stoned. woah. and of course there was a food court for those hungry citizens. as we were asking questions, which mind you we knew nothing about what we were even talking about, a huge angry individual came up to me and said "hey, no photos, cover your camera end of discussion" as i tried to explain i didn't have the cap, i just turned it towards me where you couldn't see the lense. jeeze. it was a very threatening situation but we just minded our own business and climbed up over the village and just took a breather on some benches where no one could see us. jessie and talked about how such a place could exist while the government and state just choose to not turn the head in it's direction just pretending that they know nothing. corruption or maybe it is just like the people of christiana proclaim it be, "peace project"?




Saturday, November 2, 2013




DSC_0125 DSC_0123

Nyhavn: (Danish pronunciation: [ˈnyhɑʊ̯ˀn]) (literally: New Harbour)

that is what these photos have in common. they illustrate that there is extraordinarily beauty in colors! especially in the color red. this harbor was hand dug by danish prisoners way back then. hans chrisitan anderson lived here for a while. it was said to be the happening place in town for beer, food and prostitution. jessie and I had to see it for our own eyes even though it was raining a bit on our boat tour. no worries it was covered overhead and heated inside.



a few shots


DSC_0118   DSC_0146 



DSC_0152   DSC_0154


who ever knew that it rains everyday in denmark? I only brought the camera along our first day. if you read the christiana post you would understand why. anyhow. enjoy.



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Too good

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


DSC_0071    DSC_0075

DSC_0082   DSC_0083


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DSC_0063    DSC_0065

DSC_0067      DSC_0068

we searched for destinations to visit around our little village this afternoon and fort l’ecluse came up. it is a 15 minute drive from our home. it is a natural entry to france from switzerland. history says that the designated area of land was used for fortress grounds dating back to 58 b.c. cray. I guess there are no photos of the actual fortress on here but these are some of the photos that we took of our hike.

we still are not sure as to what we stumbled across on our hike but it was some sort of an old mountain bike trail. we found a number of palettes in this open area. I quickly drew up in my mind a fort of our own. I felt like I was 12 years old again back in the day when my friends, gracie and I would own the forest grounds. it worked as you can see from the photos. we also found a natural stream of water that we drank from. it was just what we needed today. as we headed back down I grabbed some moss to add to our collection of plants. we are proud parents of now three baby plants.