Wednesday, November 13, 2013

6 mois (months)


veteran's day was good to us. our friend mallory came down to visit. with the day off from class and school and work we decided to sleep in a little bit and then head out to explore the country side. we read of a town that was actually one of the first towns to be powered by electricity in the mid 1800's because of the creation of a dams. so we head on over and found a nice little hike. it was just magnificient. jessie packed us all a lunch and it was delish. jessie even dared jump over a natural crater crack of some sort as seen in the above photo. i wanted to pull a stunt only seen in the movies but jessie wouldn't let. i thank her for so much. it was actually the mark of our 6 month anniversary. before knowing mallory would be there, i, if i may add, made a reservation at a sushi restaraunt in geneva for that evening. we were happy to have a friend accompany us. the sushi house actually had a creative functioning train make the rounds of the bar and on it were little plates of sushi. they were labeled white, green, red, and gold according to their prices. i told jessie that she would have to wait until our 1 year anni to grab any gold ones. haaa. it was a great day and i add that we are so thankful and blessed to have fathers represent the courage, bravery and strength of our dear country of America.



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