Thursday, July 14, 2011




nate and I were playing badminton last night and I he asked if I was competitive!! I guess he assumed I was as I would yell at my racquet each time I missed the birdie! I admitted and acknowledged my competitive nature!! he then asked me to expand! what areas in my life could that be reflected and I sure did think long and hard! I answered of course that I was a die hard average joe..but that I could get fired up playing any sport for that matter! I don’t really feel that I am all that competitive when it comes to education what not but I got me thinking!

our Father has got to have a competitive nature! no? He expects us all to be passionate about some things in life!! I mean we are in competing against the adversary everyday!! it’s a deadly rivalry!! its our victory though!

in what areas of life are we competitive?!?



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ni de conia


sara is constantly saying thatt!? hope its not vulgar maaa?!

my pals are into the butt!! cigarettes!!! I have to even escort them to tabacs down the street at 11pm when they are freaking out due to their lack of cigarios!!! ive beeecome super tolerate of this vice that is trying to take over their lives!! but at the same time I do my best to support and encourage them otherwise!! I have them think of me everyday and smoke one lesssss just for me!! I realllly like themmm though!!!




Monday, July 11, 2011

super tard


this got my mind of things today!! nate and magda were sooo goood!! I was thinking that my badminton set purchase was a waste until today! we took a stroll down to a newly discovered park just four minutes down the streeet!! african bothers and sisters everywhere! a nice bball court! a very novice almost amateur work out machine set! kind of weird! nice bike trial, etc! I on the other could not manage to hit that small like bird!! I thought man brant would be ashamed of me if he were right here!! I would swing and miss it each time! I began to express some frustration by yelling out at my racquet! I couldn’t believe it! how was my racquet not making contact with the bird! I know it was small and all but what was I doing wrong!? I then watched magda! I watched closely! she kept her racquet high in the air and then would slightly lower it as she waited the bird to come to her as she made contact! I was completely wrong! I was swinging the racquet like a fool! and then letting anger distract my game all that much more! I wasn’t take it as it came! I rushed it! and without even taking the time to learn! there was a lesson in that that I later learned this evening!! before swinging like a fool and going at it! take the time to learn and think about your game! it will never be your game of course until you’ve gone out and swung! but let the birdy come to you then make your move!!




salade provencale



we made it out to aix-en-provence for dinner last night!!! everyoNeeee has been hyping up this italian renaissance influenced ville so we decided to check it out!! what a night life!!! ive never seen so many different outdoor café/restaurants in my life!!! we finally found the right one who was calling our names!!! here is to playing the tourist in france today! high fives!!!







rock cliff diving in the south of France– check

we made it out to the calanques this afternoon! research it online!! the most gorgeous thing you will ever see!! we took four buses total to make it out here! we then hiked the rocky costal line along the sea! I felt like a young boy! but when it came to the edge and jumping off I felt more like a girl! I managed to clear a 40 footer! yah take that! coming up out of the water was reviving and made me feel like a man! a young man I guess! I almost took a 55 footer but a gigantic enormous octopus decided to crash the scene! clay told me that I would be sprayed with some sort of ink! then perhaps strangled! haaa! next time!




il comprend



understanding doesn’t really translate in french! we can understand and comprehend but I think clay as able to do more than that! reminds me of my father! they are able to just take it in! they never well hardly overreact! they are kind, patient, and selfless! they think of others!

I am proud to say that I put these two together! I must admit I intentionally believed it wouldn’t work out! nevertheless I put in my small help and they took off from there! what a beautiful couple! so happy! so understanding!

ils se comprennent!!!!






we spoke of peter the chief apostle today in sunday school! I know realize how happy having been there to participate! there are many great things to be said of our fellow prophet and leader simon peter! I mean what cant be said of him! I often try to relate my life with his and come very short of even measuring up to his stature of a man! I humbly do know that as he followed the Master through every last step of his mortal life I to have that same desire! I come short and astray from the straight and narrow path but I too will never deny in my heart the King of Kings! I want to be more like him and of course like Him!!

sara and I were listening to judas here the other day on the beach!! an ironic song title to go with this post!






what a weeeek! we hit this yacht dance partty up last week!! and it wasn’t much of anythingggg!! yah..nice dj…busting beats..rocking musikk..! but durty dancingg!! we didn’t even go in! the line was out of control and the cover was overpriceddd!! I partyrockedd it up on the over ledge!!! tried to inspire the groups of people!!

I really missed provo today!! I missed you all guys!!!




Thursday, July 7, 2011




ive got a new favorite song! im not ready to share it yet!!!

well we have some visitors over this eveningg! neff is loving this photoshoot a lillll bit too much!!!

I was scrolling through some photos this evening on the facebook and I for one or two quick seconds missed utah! mona lake! underground dance parties! kiwanis! but then I remembered having dinner on vieux port followed by a nice small promenade up rue de rome with a strawberry vanilla twist gelato in hand with excellent friends! pas mal!!!!




Tuesday, July 5, 2011

try it outttt


I respect my pops!!!! every fourth as long as I can remember he owns the grill out back!!!!! this year I decided that I would take my stab at the whole patriotic scene and attempt to prepare some cheeseburgers myself!!! I invited over some friends!! and id have to admit that my skills were outstanding! just like my pops! but of course many years of experience behind him!!!

we gathered. we sang. we rejoiced. we prayed. we loved. we ate. we celebrated. we thanked.

strangely enough I was able to spend my fourth of july in france for the 3rd time and I feel that I have come along way! heck I made cheeseburgers today!

what a blessing we have! america the beautiful!!!




Monday, July 4, 2011

and I gave you more



what a sunday!!!

thanks jeunes adultes!!



Sunday, July 3, 2011

je me suis fait avoir



my first week in marseille I took a stroll down one of the main shopping strips downtown and right outside a store I had just been it stood a modest sized nut stand with a friendly older man waiting for people to come purchase some nuts! he was selling maple candy roasted cashews slash peanuts which lured me his way! ya see when I was in paris each sunday we or at least I would spend my after up at mont marte and I could smell the sweet roasty smell in the air coming from a monsieur who had set up show along the basilica! I thought of my mother each time! she loves those peanuts from town east mall!!! anyways I never tried those in paris but I decided to go for it this time! I loved themm! I munched down on every last crumb! I saw him one last time as I took off from ville that evening! I told him that if Id ever see him again I would definitely buy some more!! wellllllllll…

…last night nathan and I took our spanish princesses out the coast! la playa! we each just received a spanish intern who will be working with us! the weather wasn’t top! a bit windy! chilly! and the water was deceivingly freezing! of course we took a dip though! and as we laid there a saw a gentleman yelling out as he handing people samples of his peanuts! I yelled him down asking to try out what he had there! he approached us and dropped on his knees to greet me! he wouldn’t drop the first time we had met! he shouted out that he had a deal for me! I pulled my 2 euro piece by accident and his took advantage! he threw me three bags of peanuts and said that he was throwing one in for free! I said, alrighttt…here ya go! he took off with my money! I love that feeling when you’ve worked the system for your benefit and come out with more! well we laid there eating up on our tasty snacks when I saw him pass us one last time as he yelled..special buy two and ill give you the third for free!!! I was outraged! I couldn’t believe! there was he was! he made my day! he made me feel like a special customer leading me to believe that I had just got a deal of a lifetime! but noooo!! he was offering the same deal to EVERYONE ELSE!! nathan, very wise stated..john you don’t need a peanut man to tell you that youre special!!! haaaaa!! amen brothaaa!! I am kindaa special! like in the weird sense! haa!



Saturday, July 2, 2011




Boiii is this bus driver in a hurrry! Its not the usual surfer ride through the rues of france! Its more like a deadly race to the end!

My fam all got smartfoness a couple of weeks ago! And man am i excited to gett home to play with them via web data! I wish i could constantly keep yal updated with all thats happening! It almost breaks my heart to know i cant share everything with yal! I thin abiut having a smartfone out here and how much easier that would beee..but Who knows maybe they are experiences that are meant for me? Buffff! Im thinking about yallllll!

Friday, July 1, 2011

homme ou femme..



no no noooo! I don’t go snapping shots of nude people! I just wanted to give yal a small glimpse of what the southern Mediterranean coastal life is like!!! they embrace nudity!!!?? what do I think? hmmm…well! do you know me?!