Tuesday, July 5, 2011

try it outttt


I respect my pops!!!! every fourth as long as I can remember he owns the grill out back!!!!! this year I decided that I would take my stab at the whole patriotic scene and attempt to prepare some cheeseburgers myself!!! I invited over some friends!! and id have to admit that my skills were outstanding! just like my pops! but of course many years of experience behind him!!!

we gathered. we sang. we rejoiced. we prayed. we loved. we ate. we celebrated. we thanked.

strangely enough I was able to spend my fourth of july in france for the 3rd time and I feel that I have come along way! heck I made cheeseburgers today!

what a blessing we have! america the beautiful!!!




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  1. I bet you can still do great at " My Country tis of Thee" :)