Monday, July 11, 2011

super tard


this got my mind of things today!! nate and magda were sooo goood!! I was thinking that my badminton set purchase was a waste until today! we took a stroll down to a newly discovered park just four minutes down the streeet!! african bothers and sisters everywhere! a nice bball court! a very novice almost amateur work out machine set! kind of weird! nice bike trial, etc! I on the other could not manage to hit that small like bird!! I thought man brant would be ashamed of me if he were right here!! I would swing and miss it each time! I began to express some frustration by yelling out at my racquet! I couldn’t believe it! how was my racquet not making contact with the bird! I know it was small and all but what was I doing wrong!? I then watched magda! I watched closely! she kept her racquet high in the air and then would slightly lower it as she waited the bird to come to her as she made contact! I was completely wrong! I was swinging the racquet like a fool! and then letting anger distract my game all that much more! I wasn’t take it as it came! I rushed it! and without even taking the time to learn! there was a lesson in that that I later learned this evening!! before swinging like a fool and going at it! take the time to learn and think about your game! it will never be your game of course until you’ve gone out and swung! but let the birdy come to you then make your move!!




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