Monday, July 11, 2011




rock cliff diving in the south of France– check

we made it out to the calanques this afternoon! research it online!! the most gorgeous thing you will ever see!! we took four buses total to make it out here! we then hiked the rocky costal line along the sea! I felt like a young boy! but when it came to the edge and jumping off I felt more like a girl! I managed to clear a 40 footer! yah take that! coming up out of the water was reviving and made me feel like a man! a young man I guess! I almost took a 55 footer but a gigantic enormous octopus decided to crash the scene! clay told me that I would be sprayed with some sort of ink! then perhaps strangled! haaa! next time!




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  1. WOAHHH! That is awesome!

    You should've gone swimming with the octopus! So cool!