Thursday, July 14, 2011




nate and I were playing badminton last night and I he asked if I was competitive!! I guess he assumed I was as I would yell at my racquet each time I missed the birdie! I admitted and acknowledged my competitive nature!! he then asked me to expand! what areas in my life could that be reflected and I sure did think long and hard! I answered of course that I was a die hard average joe..but that I could get fired up playing any sport for that matter! I don’t really feel that I am all that competitive when it comes to education what not but I got me thinking!

our Father has got to have a competitive nature! no? He expects us all to be passionate about some things in life!! I mean we are in competing against the adversary everyday!! it’s a deadly rivalry!! its our victory though!

in what areas of life are we competitive?!?



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