Saturday, December 1, 2012

give me a bite of that apple

so what do you want to know? 
tips on surviving a natural disaster?
tips on surviving a week-long get-a-way in New York City?
tips on surviving a relationship gone foreign?
all this and more to follow.
IMAG4272let me introduce to you to the victims
                             IMAG4330        IMAG4305
jsm – jam
john spencer murrugarra – jessica anna myers         
  IMAG4544    IMAG4394
tips on surviving a natural disaster
  • go to church (st. paul’s cathedral if possible)
  • believe in the east coast along with biggie (central figure in East Coast hip-hop scene
  • find kybo for she lives in the safest part of Manhattan 
          IMAG4335     IMAG4312
          IMAG4342     IMAG4458
          IMAG4392    IMAG4350
tips on surviving a week-long get-a-way in New York City
  • look for all the free events and attractions
  • check out Time Square at night for free
  • check out the moma on friday nights for free
  • take a free tour of central park (there are so many available)
  • pre-arrange a free tour of the 9/11 memorial
  • check out community gardens in brooklyn
          IMAG4510     IMAG4356
               IMAG4383    IMAG4569
tips of surviving a relationship gone foreign
  • take long walks together
  • talk to each other
  • laugh with and at each other
  • visit as many local produce markets together
  • take a break on a park bench
  • parks parks barks (I mean admire all the little dogs)
  • fake it until you make it (sort of real)
  • remember she is a beauty in a beautiful world
  • remember your friends (best friends and family)
  • take violent-windy-romantic ferry rides over the hudson river
  • love luv lav lev liiv love
now take my advice and run like the wind far far far from the dark coast of our miseries and hurricanes! find the inland with yourselves and there will be calmness and peace that awaits you at home! we can survive the state of emergency that surrounds us. love. friends. family. love.
we have each other until the end. but lets face it. there is never an end.


heads down thumps up.




the flight(s)



october 25th we departed on an adventure into the abyss of a natural disaster. slc to nyc. hurricane sandy. who knew. not these guys. we were just celebrating our first flight together. that a pair of brand new water bottles.




not a whole lot of new music these days but i do recommend these guys.
they speak to my life right now. better yet. they speak for my life.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

just around the river bend



its almost that time of year. the cold is creeping in. slowly. but. surely. I never close one of my windows and I was awakened last night by a nice small chill coming in from outside. I had to turn off my fan and I ran back into my covers. and this year. its going to be different. ive got a new bed spread. don’t you like. I cant wait.





Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the heart is full

On The Sea by Beach House on Grooveshark

play and read. 

Jess and i were driving up the canyon saturday night while listening to this song. she said, this is the perfect music for what we are doing right now. as i swayed my shoulders back and forth i smiled and agreed. it instantly became nostalgic and almost euphoric. the moment became still for a moment. i looked back on what she and i have been sharing together. what we were sharing together at that very moment. i thought i could listen to this forever if it means we are doing this right now. so i cant stop listening to it. i dont want to listening to it. i dont need to stop listening to it. 
on the sea. 
future unwritten. endless possibilities. bliss. even if we knew how much further we had left to go. it would do little to know if it again meant that we would be here. that we are here. right now. where we belong. nothing else really matters. its a intimate and personal realm of belief and thought of mine but i want to share it with you guys.


i thought. well. now that you got the message. restart the song and read along. got you. 

Out on the sea we'd be forgiven
Our bodies stopped the spirit leaving
Wouldn't you like to know how far you've got left to go

Somebody's child

Nobody made you
It's not what you stole its what they gave you
In or out you go
In your silence your soul

Would you rather go unwilling

The heart is full and now it's spilling
Barreling down the steps
Only a moment left

In hind of sight no peace of mind

Where you begin and I'm defined
Daughter of unconscious fate
Time will tell in spite of me
In hind of sight no peace of mind
It begins and we'll be fine
Where shadows bend and suddenly
The world becomes
And swallows me in

Whistle to a friend

Gentle til the end
Anyway in a name
She takes shape just the same 

beach house - on the sea 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sleep to sleep



things seem to fall into place when you take control.

I woke up early ready to head into work today only to check my calendar right as I am leaving. turns out I had three hours to kill. three hours to effectively use. better put. and I sure did.

I got an art wall project done and done.

I went to go see the other guys. still in the works.

I had a healthy lunch.

I felt the day change.

you see. it was productive indeed.

there were only about two things that killed today. I didn’t get to call my mother back. and I didn’t get to see jessica.

I loved my conversations at work today. totally engaged. and speaking of engaged. we got a ton of newly weds coming in right as school starts depositing their checks and money they received as wedding gifts I suppose. I always rejoice with them.

one thing to be said. well. context first. today a buddy of mine is just brushing his teeth under a tree in the shadows of the night. he thought he was being sneaky. nothing escapes my eyes. he told me he had so much on his plate. overwhelmed with emotions. I asked what he was going to do about it. he said. I am going to sleep. I cant control this. if I go to sleep. it all ends. I said. woah man. first of all. who do we need to talk to about this. lets go to the source. he said that individual was out of reach for tonight. I offered my help but I guess its not the same. I finished by saying hey man. be where you are tonight. feel it. there is a time and place for all feelings and emotions. deal with it. be a big boy. you need it. don’t go to sleep. because it will be there in the morning. it will wake up with you. so. just be there. feel it out. talk to whomever if needed. and lets gain control back. I think he is okay. he kept brushing his teeth. we hugged it out. and I continued on my way.



Monday, August 13, 2012

new look


jessica wall


walk final

its actually never a competition. but if it were. if you had to frame one of these which would it be? I think I have already made my mind. I guess for you they can only stand alone as a photo in of itself where on the other hand they represent and stand for something more to me. *wait having seconds thoughts. I just photo edited one of these. spent the last half hour doing so. ah. too hard to choose.

but on the topic of competing. I read once or heard once in a lecture that a competitive nature was in favor of that individual. to compete. to strive consciously and consistently towards a goal or an objective. whether it be a prize, position, profit, posterity, people, person, progress, etc. I like the sound of this. It was suggested that in order to be a solid provider, protector and parent that a certain extent of this characteristic was essential. now I don’t claim that these are or are not my life’s pursuits but I do openly admit that I have an innate desire to win, rise above, see through, attain similar goals and objectives ,etc. however when we speak of competition it is implied that either two or more parties act independently in an attempt to overrule, overrun or control the other. its more like reaching for the control or possession of something that only one can have. there is definitely room for this in our lives and we see it everyday around us. but I have thinking that competition within our relationships doesn’t have much application. because in fact the two parties willingly act together for the accomplishment of what they both can hold onto. it isn't about walking away with a trophy but it is more like walking together towards a reward whether it be material or not. you both contribute. you both work. you both believe. you both compete. TOGETHER.

so this was never a competition. but which photo do you like the most?



get it started


Ijess and i

wouldn’t call Pitbull my homeboy or my ese or anything of that manner. I will pay him his respective dues. he has done some good work alone and along side some other big names. that’s it. I have nothing more to say on that topic.

well. do go listen to these songs which are in fact my favorite songs right now.

pitbull – get it started

pitbull – we run the night

pitbull – on the floor

pitbull – dance again

wow. that took too long but I think it was worth it.



Friday, July 27, 2012

olav(cito) diego(cito)


olav diego

    ^                 ^                         ^
    l                  l                         l
    l                  l                         l

OLAV         DIEGO              JOHN

it finally came and went. I was just flipping through some tweets on twitter and found one last year back in september talking about peru. wow. just like that. and same goes to say for these kiddos. I actually extended my stay home so I could see these friends. it worked out because lee is also moving up to Utah this weekend so I get to help with the drive. but oh how I forgot what it is to be 13! they are monsters! they will eat everything! of course their choice of food in Switzerland isnt quite the same so they indulge while they can. I felt like an older brother. well. I feel like an older brother everyday while spending time with the girls but to be an older to boys isnt the same. I was there. I remember somewhat I guess what its like. I met these kids about four years ago. they grown up so much. I don’t really wonder what will become of our relationship in the coming years. its just something I don’t do. I leave today from texas with my mother and lee so I wont be seeing them again for a while. but that’s the approach I usually have. no worries. no fear. no need to wonder. whether I see them next week, in a year or seven. I know I will see them again. its belief in the real beautiful relationships that make up our lives. without them we wouldn’t have much. you know what I mean.


provo will see us tomorrow. im happy.

olav diego 2




Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tight spots

I once heard that older women experience a change within
      their body. No more of that. But in exchange the have random
      streaks of heat. Is this true. Maybe I have it backwards?
      Anyway. The older I get. The more heat I can handle. I mean.
      Growing in Texas. Boy was I hot. Hot. Hottttt. It's a
      different heat in comparison with Utah. Nonetheless I am able
      to stack five layers of clothing on my body and be fine even
      comfortable. I like. And to add we are loading the aircraft.
      So its a tight squeeze. You love enclosed areas. I bet you
      love flying for this reason? I have an isle seat. Yah son.
      I'm alone again. As long as the others are in pairs. I am
      good. Well. Back to flying. I don't like rules. Don't force
      me to do anything. I will obey. But. Just. You know. 

      Okay. So I ate something rather well..idk but I guess its
      given me gas. Well you know when its going have a stench or
      not. This was tricky. I didn't know what this one was going
      to smell like. Well. I let a couple sneak out and they were
      not pleasant. So bad that my neighbor pulled out her mask.
      Ee. Know I face a problem. Do a just got rapid fire since she
      can't smell them anyway. Hmm. What does he do? Me. I mean.

      O tight spots. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Good stuff

Sometimes good music is just enough. Beirut and I have been getting along really well these days.
I feel as if I need to be sharing this delicious breakfast with someone but the girls say Peruvian breakfast is not their thing. Guess they'd prefer to sleep. Who gets sleep. I just took a huge gulp of water for the first time since arriving in Peru. All we have drinking is their famous Inca Kola. We know what kind of damage Mexican water can do so we've tried to keep our distance. However last night we went midnight.treat shopping a bought a couple of cases of agua! Hmmmm! This isn't bad at all. They're serving exoctic fruit drinks here. So so soo good! I've tried to imagine a couple of times already what it would be like to be Here alone. And I go crazy at the thought. I really do. I love being on my own. Even this solo breakfast season is quite satisfying but if you can't tell..I prefer sharing my experiences with others. Sharing my life. Even with the entire internet blogging community. I just a balance. But for now. I will love this. I will cherish my family time. I am proud of us today. We have an excellent agenda planned out in Lima. Come with us. Salut John Pro.sketcher.babe with

Saturday, July 7, 2012



I like the sound of my name, sometimes. l really like it when lex calls me johnathan. which is just a change. I want to tell you some stories. they have to do with some amazing people and I guess my name.

I went to visit jess in l.a last weekend. yah. another story in itself. so she had told me we would be helping out with a wedding and a reception Saturday. I expected that much. sat. morning I woke up to a house completely full of the people. the bridal party or the groomsmen more like were all staying at the house. the groom has three beautiful sisters. like me. who were always in the mix of things. oh. I must add that the family is from Cambodia. what a culture. they were the first I had ever met. so, jess and I ran some errands in the morning for the family. we actually went to Cambodia town to pick up some soupy saucy sort of thing full of anchovies. yah. yal know I cant do anchovies. anyway. the grooms father placed a large order of this for the dinner at the reception so we followed his request. we came home to a house full of family and guest. once again. weddings. yes. bringing everyone together. speaking of families. I was introduced to sam and mom upon our return. so cute. Cambodian refugees who had come over about 20 years ago. from the first second sam (the father) met me he began to put me to work. he would always state my name in broken english prior to his order jooohn…this…jooohn..that. i loved it. I loved feeling like I was contributing to something larger than me. I would be trying to relax upstairs and sam would hunt me down and ask me to do some other odd job. ha. I cant stop laughing just thinking about it. he kept me on my toes. we were put in charge of all the food. ha. when we arrived at the chapel which is actually the most beautiful church building ive ever seen other than the temples.I was relieved to see a legitimate catering team in charge of everything. good ol sam. his portions of the meal were not really part of the menu but he just wanted to be sure we would have enough food. so thoughtful. I feared that our food would be discarded and just thrown off to the side. which it was for a little bit. anyway. those two. sam and mother were working so hard. so deeply invested on making this the best experience for everyone possible. especially a special interest in making this perfect for their family which also says a bunch. after the ring ceremony (#idontcry) we were put up to the greatest task of the night. jess and I had to greet alllllll the guests and converse them as we escorted them to their respected tables. ha. yah. talk about a role. once we got everyone situated the feast began. and the beast in the kitchen. sam and mother had special requests for their guests so it made it awkward and a little more challenging for the kitchen. so the two were both in and out of the kitchen until the head chef unleashed on all of us. it just happened that I was also in there when it took place. holy. sam walked out with his head held down. they were just trying their best. I learned he spoke French so I thought I that might comfort him if I spoke to him in French. wrong. he just shrugged me off and said its fine jooohn go. ha. ha. so adorable. we did our best to keep everyone happy at the reserved tables and it paid off. it did. we celebrated. we danced. we ate. we danced. after the couple took off we danced one last bit. I feared that we would have to clean up like at every other wedding reception. I just tried to imagine not having to though because there was a lot of work to do. well. you know sam by about now. so you can guess what happened. he put me to work. the whole day I thought about whether I wanted to write about him and there was a moment that sealed it for me. we were stacking up the chairs and needed another rack. the rack was literally about 35 yards under the stage. so you had to crawl on your knees to get it. I was walking by and I saw sam about half way there. I felt so humble. this little ol father working harder than I was so I yelled him down and told him to come back and I would finish it. I grabbed that rack and we began to work once again. he then put me to the hardest most tedious job. at one point I was doing it wrong and he began to say son son son no no no not like that. I am sorry I taught you it to you like so. ha. he went a little crazy. and called me son on top of it. wow. what a day. what a wedding. what a family. what a father. what a people. so selfless and so giving. I envy. I want to be like. yes. well there it was. call me jooohn






its not easy to update your blog when reading other peoples blogs are so much more interesting. and especially when their style is up your alley. its like your blogs get along. like at the playground. the virtual internet playground. im not suggesting that I like my own blog. but I understand my blog is different in its own ways. and now my blog has an identity. jeeze. anyway. im in denver and some homegirl be dancing right across from me. it makes me smile inside. ive been to four airports within the last week. and its not stopping. I arrive in another one here shortly. then we are off. international-bound.






I don’t spend much time watching t.v it is definitely a past time. gracie, lee, lex and I would watch hours and hours of t.v during our long hot summer days growing up. we didn’t install cable till late. so we would even settle on watching infomercials. when I left home for school I quickly found that t.v is a luxury especially cable t.v. we now have a d.t.v. and I will occasionally watch a ball game. but nothing more. I am sitting here now waiting for our departure. and this is my view. first of all. I love tennis. I love playing tennis. and surprisingly I love watching tennis. I love Wimbledon. I love London. I love France. and Tsonga (French) is playing. so. as you can tell. I am sort of loving this moment. I am okay with being a tennis fan. I don’t think I am fine with being a t.v fan. no. nope.



Friday, July 6, 2012

i can dance too

beach house played in salt lake last night. i got off work late and had little motivation to drive up alone. i went climbing instead. you see. last week jess and i road tripped from l.a back to provo and i had brought the new beach house album but i wasnt hooked. it didnt do it for me. i think i enjoyed a song or two. but that was it. leaving provo this morning i thought i would give them another shot. and guess what. i regret not heading up yesterday. these guys. wow. wow. or perhaps they are more for the air and not so much for the road. does that even make sense? i dont know. all i know is that i am boarding now to head to dallas. and i cant stop listening to beach house. period. salut john

Thursday, June 28, 2012




growing up i always wanted the initials of “mj” instead of my own. I mean “jm” really. who shares “jm” with me? “mj” initial owners include the following:

michael jordan

michael jackson

michael johnson

mick jagger

you see. need I continue? you get it. wellllllllllllllllll. today Ive been trying to learn a song I heard on the radio the other day. I know. I am SOOO INTO pop mainstream music right now. it makes my mornings and afternoons. turns out that the artist of this song shares MY initials! ya! that’s right! lucky HIM. that’s how I see it now. “jm” are my initials! its me! here is a nasty attempt at the song. fun one.

so anyway. mair says I need to keep discovering who I am. who “jm” is deep down inside. I agree. tell you one thing! I am way happy. well, other than the doggie problems my family is facing right now at home which makes me sad. I am wayy happy.

we had a football game tonight. I was a little upset following the game. good thing yal were not here. it took me a while to cool off. but im here now! here and tired. so until next time.




Sunday, June 17, 2012

roly poly



so a bud says “I knew you couldn’t make it without a woman"

and here is the proof I presume.

there is something thrilling about fire. eeee. fire. rarrrrr.

there is also something thrilling about spooking yourself out for no reason at all. like psyching yourself out. fun.

so yesterday halls and I were a little fed up with civilization and their persistent ways in regards to being one with the nature. there were so many people in the mountains yesterday. we were trying to get as far as possible from human life so it took us a little while on our hike. along the trail we straight up enter a military base camp. yah. youre telling me. or something of that nature. tents everywhere. activity things set up. dinner tables. uhhh. port-a-potties. trucks. it was very eerie. a little spooky. an abandoned warzone sort of feel. I felt like I was playing one of dads computer war games. I guess the nice thing was that they had left ALL their supplies behind. mirrors. clocks. food. water. hand sanitizer. shovels. gasoline. firewood. etc. ha. so we had the option of camping really cushy but we left all of it. well. besides the hand sanitizer. they would of wanted us to take it. promise. we actually set up camp a few hundred yards south of their camp site almost fearing that some huge military group was going to run by our camp site through out the night or something. well, after setting up camp and eating dins and deserts I decided to try the toilet. the sun was completely down but I thought itd be okay without a flashlight. I grabbed the toilet paper we brought and hiked up to the port-a-potties. I arrived and there is still no life to be found at the camp site. whew. thank heavens for my belly. I jumped in one of the twelve. and as I am setting up I hear noise outside. I slowly and quietly lock the door and turn my phone light off. and it began. my mind went crazy. I feared that someone was just waiting for my exit. I feared they would kidnap me. adultnap. kidnap. ME. I didn’t want to leave. I stayed locked up for ever it seems. I finally gathered enough courage to finish up and head back to the camp site. don’t think I didn’t take my knife out ready for carnage as I stepped out the toilet. because I definitely did. I walked out and nothing. no one. whew. I hiked my towards halls and then I began to worry there. what if someone was just waiting for me to leave to come in on her. no. why did I leave. why? I began to run back and I took my knife back out. the whole time I am asking myself “why am I a such a scaredy cat”? I thought of all the ways I could manage to fend someone off. the holds. the grapples. the maneuvers. etc. I see the fire from a distant. no halls. but the closer and closer I get I seem to make a headlamp out. I slowed completely down. I didn’t want to scare anyone else. she actually had been thinking similarly and was ready to come rescue me. ha. oh man. what would’ve I done?

there is evil out there. there is also good out there. out here. where we stand. where we use a port-a-potty.





gracie and i

so clear. so pure. so powerful. so beautiful.

the past is so reminiscent and can bring so much joy and laughter. maybe that is why we insist on posting older photos of ourselves on facebook or blogger when we are shouting out to someone in specific. hence, the photo here. 2005. ha. what. seven years ago. wow. what a year. and she was literally my link to a lot of what my world was then that year. just thinking back. wow.

well, now we are trying to be adults. and life has a way of keeping us on our toes. but here is another year towards the victory under our belts. we are going to make it.






my fire.

keeps us warm. keeps us safe. keeps us going.

my father is the man. quite the man.

I want to be more like him. no fair. my sisters caught on early. they are so much like my father. I guess its easier to pick up on things when you are younger. I hit a quarter of a century about a month ago. I am not getting any younger. so I better get on it.

manhood. I know ive been chasing after you for some time now but I will again rededicate my efforts today. and everyday.

thanks father. thank you Father.




Sunday, June 3, 2012

Uhh question..

How could you live in a city where there is.only 2G available on the mobile network?


It's like being super athletically skilled but having no friends in your neighborhood that match up to your level. So instead when you choose to play football with a bunch of third graders. Like having the skill set to run at 4G speed but instead walking along at 2G speed.

Also. Dain Lloyd proclaims he can blog better than I can. I wonder?


spot me if you can



what? its just been a while. trying to clear my mind up a bit here. like on a dirt road with pricks and thorns everywhere so instead you wear mexican sandals that are just perfect for keeping twigs, rock, etc. out!





gimme gimme



brants sisters just whipped up some rice crispy treats. but get this. no marshmallows. instead they used peanut butter. and most of you know how I generally feel about peanut butter. just not the same.


this one here. my new roomie in provo come late july. RIGHT? and that means an unlimited amount of these things with MARSHMALLOWS! yah that’s right!




zombie blood

salut john this.yes.this.was.good




cade likes to call me t-rex. I feel like children are becoming more and more adult like these days.

a peak into an episode of his childhood diaries.

he comes storming into the house. I ask what was wrong. his pops and grandmother needed to get some things done inside so he had no one to push him. it was actually lunch time. I told him that he could “ask” if it would be alright if I went out and played with him. he was determined to obtain permission. I hear his stomp into the next room and I hear "john is going outside with me to go push me” I didn’t hear the response. but he hopelessly comes back into the room with his head down. I told him that he needed to ask instead of demand for permission. he was to stubborn to do so.

so I guess, he is still a kid. not an adult.




Monday, May 7, 2012



ballooon and me

what would you like know?

I have a lot to share. obviously. right? it was my birthday weekend after all.

at lunch today. we went around the table recounting our highs and lows of the week. let me tell you about one of my highs. my literal high.

I purchased 24 helium-filled balloons after work friday. all sorts of colors. as you can see. I invited some friends over to the house. I had them write their wishes on small pieces of paper. we all secretly kept them to ourselves. after folding them in small perfect squares we fastened them to the balloon strings. along with a glow stick each. and after singing that popular birthday song together we released our wishes into the dark blue sky. they flew upwards and away but before we knew it a few of them headed towards an extra large tree across the street. sadly, the tree very selfishly swallowed some up in his branches. the others successfully made it to the heavens. as for the ones who were temporally being asked to wait we felt sad for them. the morning after the balloons were no where to be found. by patiently waiting, they were automatically translated or something into the heavens. you see. patience pays off.

It was a magical moment. one of the many highs of the weekend.

I just wanted to add that my wish was that your wishes come true.




Thursday, May 3, 2012


I may look happy. But Jeeze. The world news has me a little unhappy. I don't get why there is so much controversy, so much sadness and so much pain in the news.

They are now on a story covering some dolphins. Hee. I like this.

I sometimes think I could become the most informed person ever if I just watched the news all day. But sitting here for twenty minutes makes me cringe a bit and ask out loud, why..why in the world?

Who knows. I feel like watching the news is for married couples! That'd be fun.


Monday, April 30, 2012




they always call my mother “pila” which means “battery” in spanish. she is most definitely my battery, so full of energy, wisdom, power, and love. her middle name is Pilar therefore they would often shorten it and use “pila” but isnt Pilar so beautiful.

she shared some advice with me today and I would like to share a few things that made a difference for me.

we make choices everyday. we cant make choices for others. but we are where we are today because of our choices. and we are to be here where we are today. and that is a great reassurance. to know that our choices make up our life. it is up to us. and we will continue to chose as life goes on.

we should not be afraid to slow down when we feel that we may be getting ahead of ourselves. “just because it isnt like how we would like it to be right now doesn’t mean that when we get there it is going to be perfect either.”

my mother then uses a perfect example to explain this concept. she adds that when you are in 6th grade and you feel like nothing is going right. you don’t feel like you belong in elementary school any longer. you need to move on to bigger and better things. the food is no good but they say it is in middle school. only to realize that when you walk through those doors as a 7th grader once you’ve graduated from elementary to middle school, you enter a whole new world. you are the youngest. you get picked on. your lunch money gets stolen so no food at all. and then you start to remember in fact how good elementary school really was.

we are to enjoy our issues. we are even to embrace them. because there will be more to come and the next ones might be more trying and more difficult. and we will want to come back to the ones we initially thought were unbearable. where we are today and its life lessons are for us and what we need right now.

you see. that’s why I shared her wise counsel.