Monday, August 13, 2012

new look


jessica wall


walk final

its actually never a competition. but if it were. if you had to frame one of these which would it be? I think I have already made my mind. I guess for you they can only stand alone as a photo in of itself where on the other hand they represent and stand for something more to me. *wait having seconds thoughts. I just photo edited one of these. spent the last half hour doing so. ah. too hard to choose.

but on the topic of competing. I read once or heard once in a lecture that a competitive nature was in favor of that individual. to compete. to strive consciously and consistently towards a goal or an objective. whether it be a prize, position, profit, posterity, people, person, progress, etc. I like the sound of this. It was suggested that in order to be a solid provider, protector and parent that a certain extent of this characteristic was essential. now I don’t claim that these are or are not my life’s pursuits but I do openly admit that I have an innate desire to win, rise above, see through, attain similar goals and objectives ,etc. however when we speak of competition it is implied that either two or more parties act independently in an attempt to overrule, overrun or control the other. its more like reaching for the control or possession of something that only one can have. there is definitely room for this in our lives and we see it everyday around us. but I have thinking that competition within our relationships doesn’t have much application. because in fact the two parties willingly act together for the accomplishment of what they both can hold onto. it isn't about walking away with a trophy but it is more like walking together towards a reward whether it be material or not. you both contribute. you both work. you both believe. you both compete. TOGETHER.

so this was never a competition. but which photo do you like the most?



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