Saturday, October 29, 2011

we doing it!


cler and livepestocler and live 2

do you ever just ask yourself, is this my life? – cler

I often do! and then I continue eating like an animal! carbs! carbs! carbs! we ate some tasty pasta tonight in preparation for our long awaited “sorta” event tomorrow morning! we are running the provo half marathon! can you believe it? I cant! well I take that back! as I close my eyes and clear my mind as I listen to coldplay I can feel it!  I guess believing and feeling go hand and hand!! well you guys! wish us luck! we most likely will need it!!!!!




Friday, October 28, 2011

nah! we shouldn’t! especially if we want to be these two one day!!

Snapshot_20111018_1wstack (3)

I read in an article this evening that “Marathons damage your heart” there were actually nine other irrational reasons here why one shouldn’t run a marathon! but I got to thinking! what if this first claim was true! then is life a waste for our hearts are being weakened with each passing day!? yah right! I signed up for this plan! I signed up to hurt! I signed up to run through thick and thin! I signed up to run through and well pass the finish line! but sometimes we need a rest! sometimes our heart needs to heal! it is okay to take a time out under the right circumstances! but taking that appropriate rest and or not taking it doesn’t damage our heart! our heart is what keeps the plan in motion! our heart pumps life back into us as we are running the endless present marathons! and it also keeps the life within us while we take a rest from it all!





tmp_share (2)

she got it perfect in this image!!! nothing better could describe how I feel right now!!!!!! what da…….!!!!!!!! how did this happen? jeeze ya guys!!! it was our game!! it was our year!! well, what am I saying! we must and WILL end this tomorrow!!! period!



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

couldnt help myself

really!!!!!! how brilliant are these guys!? ohjeeze!!!


once in a blue moon...everyone should take part of this in your own way!! its a delight!


thanks to a friend out in pFRANCE! i found out that coldplay just released a new album TODAY!!! i already got it! yahh son!!! so this song is currently playing as we speak and has been playing for the past three hours!!! yah, a bit much you say!!! well, just try it out yourself!!!! hollr!


Sunday, October 23, 2011



I lay myself to sleep about 145ish every night! I know it’s a terrible habit of mine! ya see, I lay down in bed but I don’t actually get to bed for another half hour or so! I have a night lamp right next to my bed and the switch is within arms reach yet I always seem to push my body mind and heart as long as long as they are wiling to go or can no longer go! if I give in and switch the light off then I feel like its over! I guess I just cant get enough of everyday! I fall asleep every night wanting more with each passing day! so..

tonight we had such an incredible dinner party! it was magical! well, the set up that is! and of course the atmosphere! and no question about the people! we had a few brilliant creative minds work on the display and boy can I tell you it took its toll! by 5 pm I was mentally reaching for that lamp switch however we still had a whole lot of work to do! four pies and a radical dinner table display later the guests arrived! some really special people from our paris study abroad program this year! it was so great! I wanted it to last forever! it felt as if we were all in paris once again! enjoying one anothers company time finally arrived for everyone to leave! I refused to turn the lights off! I kept everything lit up until about half an hour ago! and again it is 157am! but as I sat around this evening  contemplating whether I should clean up or not I just wanted to restart the whole evening! its hard for me to let go! really hard! to reach up and turn the light switch off! it was the same story in paris! everyday taking the metro back to my apartment I fear that moments might be forgotten or lost in the dark! only to be silly because the following morning we would pick back up from where we left off the night before! making memories is ongoing process! it hasn’t only happened or happens but it is happening! and as I now get ready to make that switch tonight  I realized that memories are never forgotten!





Thursday, October 20, 2011




there is an entertaining application on android that teaches you how to draw chinese symbols!! here are some friends from the ward!!! we were inspired and taught last night!! although this link doesn’t really have to do with what was taught last night, it is well worth it to read!!! I promise!



Tuesday, October 18, 2011







that’s what its all about!! its about gathering together and sharing!!!

we share…our thoughts, our feelings, our ideas, our time, our hearts, our ice cream, our dishes, our couches, our homes, our joy, and most of all our light!!! we all got it!!! so why not share it!!!! shine your light!!



Sunday, October 16, 2011




I learned a new french swear word this eveninggg!! and apparently one of the worst!!!! if you feel so inclined to also learn it! please come to my house and check out my new art project!!! its written on it!!!!

tmp_share (1)

its apparently also exists in normal english and is pretty common but when used or pronounced in french!!! yahh, you better watch it!!!!!! good day!!!!



Friday, October 14, 2011

shout out!!



again!! I speak of music and its transcendent power to put a smile on my heart!!!! I spent nearly half the night either being a spectator of rich beautiful harmonizing music or attempting myself to create a poor solo version of what I call music! I have picked up the guitar and guess what? I have a caulis on four of my fingers!!! what what!! so I have some extra time on my hands these days and I feel quite confident in saying that learning the guitar is quite an uplifting experience! I will also soon get to tap back into my 6th grade days when I was first chair in violin! I just havent dared to touch one ever since which is sort of a strange fear I have however I was asked to try this evening yet in response I asked for some more time! hey! I didn’t want to break that masterpiece!! soon enough I will mustard up the courage though! promise! check out this video on the masters touch!!!! worth it!!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

today we!!!


it must be so nice to graduate from facebook onto pinterest!!! I also wish I had more married couple friends!!!! I was told that I need to first be part of a couple!!!! then the fun is endless!!!

I was reminiscing about paris today!! ya know how it goes!! file through photos! sappy happy music of the time! just dreaming!!! and I got to relive paris to a small extent tonight but it was just enough to make my day!




Monday, October 10, 2011


so we submitted this video for some international studies contest at byu!! please help by liking it!! perhaps some comments?! and if you'd like to help maybe you could share it with friends and family!



roy rogers!!!



what I would do to be able to play a guitar! jacob is just one and a very important one on the list of so many who have attempted to teach me the basics!! one wish I have is to be able to play a song perhaps on my wedding day to that special someone! uhhh…yah, please don’t get your hopes up! anyway! thank you! I thank all you musicians out there in the world! my life wouldn’t be the same without you! there is a special connection between music and i! I aspire to be able to create something so beautiful and uplifting and I won’t stop! I thank music and especially tonight! I was swept away! gooooodness gracious!



Sunday, October 9, 2011




it may be cloudy and blurry at times!! but do like this man!! and believe!



“so gool!”

gracie and I would often spend days at the library! I think mom put her in some book club so I would hang around checking out the how to art books for children!
1. How to draw
2. How to yo yo
3. How to make paper airplanes
4. How to do jacob’s lantern (yarn string game)
5. How to origami
and the list continues on!! those were some gooood memories! where I live, in provo utah! there is always this push for socializing amongst the opposite sex and it goes beyond that! dates! dating! marriage! maybe it’s the kid within me or maybe the adult who wants to relive what it is like to be a kid again but I always just wonder whatd it be like to go back and spend the day at the library checking out some similar books!? someone could substitute in for gracie!! just like the good ol days!
lets date on over there!? ayyy???




Friday, October 7, 2011

bonne journee



it snowed in provo today!! can you believe it!? 7 days ago we went boating on lake utah!! yah!! no kidding!! we went to school! did some work!! we watched hulu for a while!! had some dinner on my mama!!! love you!! went on a fresh evening chilly run! cookies with friends! man talk with branty! good day! ohh and I want to watch dirty dancing soon!? you in?! I had to snap this yesterday walking by the dance hall! yepp yepp!! do work!!




Thursday, October 6, 2011

ram horns!!



1. I love juice!

2. My favorite type is orange juice!

3. I guess it can be fattening?

4. I ride the coolest bike in the world!

5. It is super speedy!

6. I have beginners basketball every Monday and Wednesday!

7. I rode to class with no clothes to play in!

8. I raced home and picked up my clothes including an fat ripe orange!

9. As a result of eating my orange on the rode the juice spelt everywhere!

10. The juice is actually just water.!

11. So no stains on the khakis guys!

12. Busy day!

13. Owned my midterm!

14. I love my mother like a crazy man!



Wednesday, October 5, 2011


i posted these guys a couple of days ago!!!
different song!!!
must mean something!!!





family hero!!




Tuesday, October 4, 2011




snowcone was heaven!

tay is gunna make it to heaven!

lets all make it to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



hey mama rock me..


this was picture perfect! I was too late! I took it yesterday afternoon! I was talking to mama on one of our porch couches and I saw this older cute looking couple walking by! they were hand in hand! I believe each even was carrying a cane! how perfect! the rewards of a happy choice made way back then! im waiting to make that choice!! or perhaps praying that maybe one day someone will be willing to make that choice on me!

we attended an outside rock concert this evening! bands were off the hook! nice ambience! the rain was even drizzling down on our noses!! it was worth it! and the groups closed it up with this song!!! trop bien!!! apparently m&s have a sick cover!! ayy???




Monday, October 3, 2011

farm animals



farm animals versus circus animals

who would win!?

I really appreciated what elain dalton had to say this morning!!!

“be loyal to the royal in you” boooom!! just like that! how great is it to know that kind of potential! royal! are ya kidding?! isnt that lingo for like kings and queens!? its true though!



Sunday, October 2, 2011




there is something therapeutic about feeding ducks and feeding them cookies is even better because all you do is hold tight onto the piece of cookie while the duck works away on your finger tips with their little-bitty beaks! ducks well mallards in general just remind me of home so I have to admire them each time I see a small flock!! ya know I wonder where my ducks are at this very moment!? well I shall find out soon enough!! come november me and the boys are road tripping back home!! good ol’ south!

well hollr out to for laying it down on the world! general conference weekend 2011!!! check it out!




Saturday, October 1, 2011





remember employing that word to describe something awesome?! I guess I still do!! I pulled it out yesterday on the lake and a friend of mine mocked me! it was a bit humorous! I don’t think I ever let it go out of style! I usually hold onto that which in my opinion will stick around and even when it doesn’t I guess I am too prideful to let it go!!! like saying “moneyyyy”!!! which brings me to my next point! I think im starting a twitter account! I was thinking about it when I was in europe this summer and now that im back I think its time to give it a shot! im getting my mother and sisters to start and then I think im going for it! hey! its whats in right now!! and I really think it’s a neat idea to keep your family and I guess friends up to date with whats happeninggg!! trends!!