Sunday, October 9, 2011

“so gool!”

gracie and I would often spend days at the library! I think mom put her in some book club so I would hang around checking out the how to art books for children!
1. How to draw
2. How to yo yo
3. How to make paper airplanes
4. How to do jacob’s lantern (yarn string game)
5. How to origami
and the list continues on!! those were some gooood memories! where I live, in provo utah! there is always this push for socializing amongst the opposite sex and it goes beyond that! dates! dating! marriage! maybe it’s the kid within me or maybe the adult who wants to relive what it is like to be a kid again but I always just wonder whatd it be like to go back and spend the day at the library checking out some similar books!? someone could substitute in for gracie!! just like the good ol days!
lets date on over there!? ayyy???




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