Saturday, October 1, 2011





remember employing that word to describe something awesome?! I guess I still do!! I pulled it out yesterday on the lake and a friend of mine mocked me! it was a bit humorous! I don’t think I ever let it go out of style! I usually hold onto that which in my opinion will stick around and even when it doesn’t I guess I am too prideful to let it go!!! like saying “moneyyyy”!!! which brings me to my next point! I think im starting a twitter account! I was thinking about it when I was in europe this summer and now that im back I think its time to give it a shot! im getting my mother and sisters to start and then I think im going for it! hey! its whats in right now!! and I really think it’s a neat idea to keep your family and I guess friends up to date with whats happeninggg!! trends!!




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