Friday, October 14, 2011

shout out!!



again!! I speak of music and its transcendent power to put a smile on my heart!!!! I spent nearly half the night either being a spectator of rich beautiful harmonizing music or attempting myself to create a poor solo version of what I call music! I have picked up the guitar and guess what? I have a caulis on four of my fingers!!! what what!! so I have some extra time on my hands these days and I feel quite confident in saying that learning the guitar is quite an uplifting experience! I will also soon get to tap back into my 6th grade days when I was first chair in violin! I just havent dared to touch one ever since which is sort of a strange fear I have however I was asked to try this evening yet in response I asked for some more time! hey! I didn’t want to break that masterpiece!! soon enough I will mustard up the courage though! promise! check out this video on the masters touch!!!! worth it!!



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