Friday, March 30, 2012


From now on. Flip is my word. No more frick.frickn.freak.freaks.freakin.f.eff. you'll get it.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

its only fair



but sometimes you cant be too humble!




Wednesday, March 28, 2012

all in

sometimes we think of success as not needing anyone or any help.
its not always in the giving or the offering of ourselves that we succeed.
I see it like this. if you are going to be a part of something, be the part of that something. don’t go half way but also do it for the right reasons.
“the willingness to tell our stories, feel the pain of others, and stay genuinely connected in this disconnected world is not something we do halfheartedly” – b.b
so yah, tell em what you think. be that part!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



keri ski

check that out! its so real!

its just all so beautiful!



Monday, March 26, 2012

once in your life



at least once, you have seen what faith can do. faith flushes out fear. it kills it. completely. 

and as leaders and protectors of a family, a community, a nation, a world, and a kingdom, we shall face forward with faith. it’s the most basic principle of life. so not just once in your life but everyday we make this choice.



Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

oak tree


lee and mills

distance is so hard to measure sometimes. I mean, I live so many odd miles away from home. ive made the trip round and back some odd number of times yet I still don’t even know how far it is in miles.

one of my younger sisters came up to visit me for her spring break. leeeee! it was fantastic!

I began to think as soon as I said bye at the airline gate about how far I sometimes feel from her and my other two sisters. its like with the more time that passes by the more distant our relationships become to me. after talking about I realized that we are not so far at all. the details and the small writings in their lives might be fuzzy but if I take a step there is no way I wouldn’t recognize them for who they truly are to me. with time some of the text will go over look but it doesn’t mean I can still be invested in them and in their lives. a friend was relating similar life lessons learned to me and she said her older brothers always remained her older brothers to her as they still do. there wasnt that void of unknowness while her brothers moved forward in life. and I wonder if that’s the same case within my family. I don’t want to be far. not too far.



little one



two things.

last night I attended a local caucuses meeting. is that what its called? I was surprised by the attendance. more strangely enough though there were a remarkable number of older people. I sort of felt out of place because first of all, I wasn’t sure if I am a registered voter, secondly, it was definitely not my county or district or precinct. but at the same time I had just gotten off of work so I dressed the part you could say. people were probably even intimated by my presence. ha. I just thought. wow. these folks are really invested in their community. they deserve to have a say. they go to their meetings. its something important to them. I wondered why there werent as many young adults? it our duty as well. I got an explanation for the dummies afterwards by a local elected official. dawn was her name.

tonight I was one of the only ones up at sundance. the mountain all for me. felt nice. towards the end I saw from the chair life a family skiing down all congregated. I thought of how cute they looked. I began to ask myself a few questions: what time is yals bedtime? how long have yal been skiing? was it yals choice to come up tonight? do yals legs hurt? are yal going to pass out in the car on the drive home? are yal cold? are you hurting? but I bet those young at heart children would answer all my questions with positive responses! little champs. look at this one. he was snowboarding and took a small spill. it didn’t keep him down.

there you go. two different age groups. two different nights. we can learn so much from them both.







good things!

one of the very first clients I helped at work was actually from peru. she was planning a trip to visit family so I asked for a little souvenir. look what she brought me back yesterday!

secondly, I was heading out to work this morning and I had this sudden appetite for a corny dog. you see, I love corny dogs! LOVE! but I ate over 50 in the month of november so I have been avoiding them like the plague ever since. nevertheless, I still bothered to check the freezer and I found a box of corny dogs. brant must be a wizard. he can read my future and all its appetites!




Tuesday, March 13, 2012




it’s a victory in the end.




Tuesday, March 6, 2012

other lives



heck yah! today and everyday this week are going to be great!

just be good!



one of those days



its like each monday morning I find my self weaker than I should be feeling. youd think that after the weekend id be energized, ready and set to go onto a new week however recently it hasn’t been the case! lunch break was the highlight of my afternoon! sun was out and I decided to try out a new restaurant one of our clients just opened! hot and sour soup! though I was excited to enjoy my meal I sort of shut off? my appetite quickly disappeared! I jumped back on the floor at work yet my cheer was slowly fading! I thought, man am I being weird! I had little motivation to changing my attitude! I finished up at work and came on home! passed out on the couch I had the idea to go on a run! VOILA! the answer to many questions of mine! it was prime time weather for a run! i put the ear phones and I took off on my routine run! the music set the tone and completely changed the mood I was feeling! there comes a point in the run where I see a bike gang riding along side me! I almost felt like as if they were a pack of deer taking a nightly stroll! of course I felt the urge of running along side of them and trying to keep up I felt an extra boost in my step! two worlds running forward side by side! that’s what it sure felt like! I was so darn happy! they eventually left me behind and I found myself huffing and puffing as I told my body to keep climbing! all of sudden I almost feel that I am being followed! as if I am not alone! ironically! I take a glance behind me and I see me! I see my shadow! just trailing behind! keeping up! it just goes to say that we are never alone! just the power and potential of our very being can be scary! I almost jumped when I realized that I was he who was following me! ive always heard of that our greatest fear is that we don’t quite fully see our potential! there you go! believe what you will but I’ll tell you what we have such a neat gift to change our feelings, our mood and our very nature! of course we are not in it alone! I finished my run as I watched the moon rise over the mountain tops! I smiled!