Saturday, March 17, 2012

little one



two things.

last night I attended a local caucuses meeting. is that what its called? I was surprised by the attendance. more strangely enough though there were a remarkable number of older people. I sort of felt out of place because first of all, I wasn’t sure if I am a registered voter, secondly, it was definitely not my county or district or precinct. but at the same time I had just gotten off of work so I dressed the part you could say. people were probably even intimated by my presence. ha. I just thought. wow. these folks are really invested in their community. they deserve to have a say. they go to their meetings. its something important to them. I wondered why there werent as many young adults? it our duty as well. I got an explanation for the dummies afterwards by a local elected official. dawn was her name.

tonight I was one of the only ones up at sundance. the mountain all for me. felt nice. towards the end I saw from the chair life a family skiing down all congregated. I thought of how cute they looked. I began to ask myself a few questions: what time is yals bedtime? how long have yal been skiing? was it yals choice to come up tonight? do yals legs hurt? are yal going to pass out in the car on the drive home? are yal cold? are you hurting? but I bet those young at heart children would answer all my questions with positive responses! little champs. look at this one. he was snowboarding and took a small spill. it didn’t keep him down.

there you go. two different age groups. two different nights. we can learn so much from them both.




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