Tuesday, May 31, 2011

merci tres beaucoup



I was on the edge of being transcended into another world tonight! apart from sweating uncontrollably! FLEET FOXES changed my life when it comes to musikkkk!! impeccable! brilliant! just sooooo guuud!!! please check thm out here!!!! they were literally the best band I have seen in yearssss!!!

merci tres beaucoup





Monday, May 30, 2011


is it by chance that we are where we are today and where we will be tomorrow?
if i remember correctly, i heard once that there is no such thing as luck! only preparedness meets opportunity!
i believe that we are rewarded by the decisions we already taken and not so much by those we will take! we live happy in preparedness and prevention! and if our desires seem fit to our needs then they are fulfilled! it works! however committing ourselves and our desires to that which is the best is a daily journey we must seek to embark upon every morning! every decision we make does indeed determine our destiny! and maybe the decisions that we have already made play a small role in where we will be tomorrow? its hard to say!
i do know that our master Counselor awaits our inquiry for His help, support, comfort and peace! those blessings that cannot be found elsewhere! His aide is crucial in our daily-decision making!
we must allow ourselves to be seen deeply in His eyes! believing that we are worthy of belonging and love!
i speak of chance because ive wondered today whether if by luck ill end up someday somewhere successful that society will accept! but it doesnt work that way nor it as important whether the world approves or not! it is not by luck that we will earn our way back to His side! its through loving ourselves and having compassion for others! its through having the courage and understanding that we are imperfect! and accepting ourselves for who we are and believing that we have much to offer others! i do wish it were as easy as winning the lottery!
but there is no such thing as luck!
i believe that i am of worth!
i believe that it will all work for the best!
i believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost!


Saturday, May 28, 2011





do yal believe in them?

I had the bestttt weekend I could avvv asked for! and a fantasy it was!!





Thursday, May 26, 2011




“close your eyes and we’ll relive it”





pan…peter pan…




brantypants!! take a look! yeppp! that’s holy red tierra all ovaaa my socks!!

one of the most expensive if not the most luxurious shopping mall in france is known as les galleries lafayette!! well, ya see…just right up on top on the 8th etage can be found a magnificent almost over the top, if ya know what I mean, patio that overlooks the city! and much to my surprise they have installed a tennis court imitating those at roland garos! I got to sign for a session against a professional coach of la federation! they gave me a pair of nice adidas tennis shoes and a super nice racquet..that brand that starts with a b! heeeE! anyways! I got my game on for the first time on clay and I owned it!! well! the coach owned me!!! but yah I thought of you brant! and I guess kylie!! haaa! I cant wait to step back on kiwanis pavement!!





Wednesday, May 25, 2011

grown up






these next weeks are looking to be the best yet! I just picked a new course out here! its gunna be a nice ride…a tough one but I am looking forward to putting in work and reaping some guudness! I had some reading to do this afternoon so I took a little stroll down to la tour! I came across a huge place, trocadero, that I hadnt previously seen and here are a few friends that seemed to also be visiting! they were all posing in front the famous tour! it is also screaming for attention and by gawly she gets it!! oh you…tour eifle!





Monday, May 23, 2011




I ask myself everyday “how can I show kindness for my madame today” that is when she is in town! well, she just arrived back to paris this afternoon after a nice week long get away! I was glad to see her! I knew we were dining together this evening so I came home with time to spare! we had a nice chat in the kitchen! she even laughed a few times! I asked how I could help! I took out the chicken and filled the pots with some water! She was in the mood for Italian! yumm! As I was leaving I remembered to ask when would be the best to prepare an apple tart? Ya see, I had promised a friend an apple tart tomorrow! However, madame thought I was offering to make it for desert tonight! She was excited! Because last week I set out a box of apples for everyone to eat in the house! But no one took any so I now had six or so ready to be used! Madame thought it was a great idea since she hadnt prepared a desert yet! And then it clicked! This was what I could do to help out and to show her some love! We worked together as she taught me her way of making a tart!! It was delicious! I wish I could have shared it with yal! And yep this is the last piece that monsieur has claimed for lunch tomorrow! hahaa! oh well!!! John:madame – 1:0




soldier on


“kis k’il fait” “kis k’il fait”

I found myself in quite the pickle and I honestly didn’t know what I was doing!

Sneakers. Check. White Socks. Check. Sweat Pants. Check. Tall T. Check. Brown Complexion. Check. Oh, forgot to mention. Weapon of War (Nikon D50). Check.

I played the part or at least I thought I did? (No one mentioned that my mustache would attract attention)

I began by causally stepping foot off the metro and into their territorial part of town. I have always wanted to photograph Muslims in their everyday routines of life and this was my big “shot”! I occasionally grabbed my camera out of my sack when I felt I could capture an aspect of their culture and lives I would “shot”. With every click of my camera, which I felt had transformed into a weapon of some sort, I feared for my life. No lie. Eyes would gather in my direction with the same threatened like regard and I did all I could to ignore them! “What yal looking at me?” I stumbled upon an African brother taking out the trash at some run-down auto shop and frankly the colors were splendid as they screamed to be caught in the moment! I snuck by as if a stranger peaking in on his personal life and SNAP! As soon as my camera lens shut he was already in flames and running in my direction. He took my camera in his hands and drug me along side into the prison of used tires! He brought me before his “chefs” and began to complain about my actions! They seized my weapon of arm and began to scan through all the victims I had captured earlier that morning! The African would not cease on letting me have it! Yelling at me like a mad man I was a bit scared yet I found the whole situation also a bit hilariously amusing at the same time. However, I quickly wiped my grin off my face when they stole my SD card, gave me back my camera and told me to beat it! I plead with them insisting that we could delete the photo so instead they snatched my camera back and managed to do so themselves! Completely out of ammo I walked out of that war scene with my head hanged down low! Don’t get me wrong, I was pleased to still have my life in tact but in to an extent they also took it from me! They took my prize and glory which was that one single moment I had spent all morning searching to seize! It was mine! I got to hold and admire it for 2 seconds and it before I could even let out the slightest breathe of air they stole it from me!

Pushing the limits is what art is all about. There seems to be a  typical arena that everyone seems to roam and I admit to belonging to such a clan of inexperienced artists. But creativity is found when you step off familiar grounds and enter the unknown and the forbidden. Asking permission defeats the feeling of accomplishment! I personally do not find any sort of victory in doing so.You can never find that rush of excitement when the moment has been fabricated. It has to be quick, stealth like and fulfilling! If you show up to war fearing that others could perhaps catch a glimpse of your presence you are already beaten. You must keep your head up and keep it low! Once you have captured that long sought after moment in time you can then leave the battle grounds and finally feel what it is to be a soldier at war.


























Saturday, May 21, 2011

et oui



c’est ca..la france!!

wheat fields!! haa!!





Friday, May 20, 2011

im tryyyin!


Thursday, May 19, 2011




mavs owned it yesterdayyy!! the match tipped off at 3AM over here and I was losing my patience! I watched the first quarter and was regretting that I had done such a foolish thing! staying up! I mean! for real? yes!? YES! well I took a nap during the second quarter! I happened to wake for third quarter and we were back on top!! I decided my body had had enough!! slept through the forth quarter and woke up this morning to a nice surprise!

we WON! ridDIRKulous!!!!

now I feel like homegurl up on top!!!

after a long day in the hot sun! not to mention spending it at the Porte D’Auteil Stadium also known as Roland Garos which happens to be hosting the French Open, I feel I must say “bonne nuit”





Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

status quo


I wonder sometimes whether I should start up a twitter account kinda like homeboy up there! and then I quickly rid that idea out of my brain! ya see..I am almost completely against status updates on facebook! but strangely enough I enjoy scanning over all the thoughts published on that social network!

yet here I find myself drinking a coca and munching on some petits pains au chocolate while waiting for my train heading into paris! I kinda love this dior sport cologne I sprayed on this morning which actually belongs to oliviers papa! I cant help but admire the beauty of these two young ladies sitting next to me. all the while bumping to j.b!

so ya see…I actually do think that status updates can accomplish great things! too bad I don’t have mobile internet out here! ill think about all this again when I step foot upon american soil! my social network!




Sunday, May 15, 2011


Bieber goes..“I don’t have a care in the world..why would I when you are here”

This week I have pondered on this common top forties ongoing theme!

How do we know people care? We should all have a care in the world! Yet what do we expect or ask that others care about? And how much do we really care? What do we care about? Do we worry too much or too little? And is caring different from worrying?

Perhaps these questions are for me and for me to answer? I do worry! And I do care! However one thing I have understood is that worrying unfolds more issues to consider! I really admire those who can just look straight dead eye in the face of life and accept its constant new episodes! And just be cool! As if to have no worries in the world! Hah! Ironic!

“No worries. No problems” I like that idea! Thanks Disney! And thank you!




sacred heart

ya see!? words can do little to illustrate my parisian surroundings here and especially when they are my own!! so the week before I left america, I thought..I should purchase a video camera thus making my trip a bit more visually accessible to all those curious eyes back home! well, I havent used it but maybe a whole minute worth of film! nothing to fear though guys! its been two weeks and ive got like three months left!! I always think about filming every monumental site I have been privileged to see but my prof has me focusing on various artistic/photographic styles so my nikon has become a part of body!

ohkay! anways! gunna make this short and simple! I love music! I love crowds! love sunny afternoons! I love looking over paris! I love not having any pending assignments on the agenda! I love marriages! and I love french africans attempting to sing american top hits!

montmarte is definitely one of my favorite corners paris has to offer. just right above it lies the sacre coeur! and it sure caught my heart today! I wish I could bring you ALL here on a sunday afternoon!




Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my bon anni!



what a day!