Monday, May 23, 2011




I ask myself everyday “how can I show kindness for my madame today” that is when she is in town! well, she just arrived back to paris this afternoon after a nice week long get away! I was glad to see her! I knew we were dining together this evening so I came home with time to spare! we had a nice chat in the kitchen! she even laughed a few times! I asked how I could help! I took out the chicken and filled the pots with some water! She was in the mood for Italian! yumm! As I was leaving I remembered to ask when would be the best to prepare an apple tart? Ya see, I had promised a friend an apple tart tomorrow! However, madame thought I was offering to make it for desert tonight! She was excited! Because last week I set out a box of apples for everyone to eat in the house! But no one took any so I now had six or so ready to be used! Madame thought it was a great idea since she hadnt prepared a desert yet! And then it clicked! This was what I could do to help out and to show her some love! We worked together as she taught me her way of making a tart!! It was delicious! I wish I could have shared it with yal! And yep this is the last piece that monsieur has claimed for lunch tomorrow! hahaa! oh well!!! John:madame – 1:0



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