Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bieber goes..“I don’t have a care in the world..why would I when you are here”

This week I have pondered on this common top forties ongoing theme!

How do we know people care? We should all have a care in the world! Yet what do we expect or ask that others care about? And how much do we really care? What do we care about? Do we worry too much or too little? And is caring different from worrying?

Perhaps these questions are for me and for me to answer? I do worry! And I do care! However one thing I have understood is that worrying unfolds more issues to consider! I really admire those who can just look straight dead eye in the face of life and accept its constant new episodes! And just be cool! As if to have no worries in the world! Hah! Ironic!

“No worries. No problems” I like that idea! Thanks Disney! And thank you!



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