Monday, May 30, 2011


is it by chance that we are where we are today and where we will be tomorrow?
if i remember correctly, i heard once that there is no such thing as luck! only preparedness meets opportunity!
i believe that we are rewarded by the decisions we already taken and not so much by those we will take! we live happy in preparedness and prevention! and if our desires seem fit to our needs then they are fulfilled! it works! however committing ourselves and our desires to that which is the best is a daily journey we must seek to embark upon every morning! every decision we make does indeed determine our destiny! and maybe the decisions that we have already made play a small role in where we will be tomorrow? its hard to say!
i do know that our master Counselor awaits our inquiry for His help, support, comfort and peace! those blessings that cannot be found elsewhere! His aide is crucial in our daily-decision making!
we must allow ourselves to be seen deeply in His eyes! believing that we are worthy of belonging and love!
i speak of chance because ive wondered today whether if by luck ill end up someday somewhere successful that society will accept! but it doesnt work that way nor it as important whether the world approves or not! it is not by luck that we will earn our way back to His side! its through loving ourselves and having compassion for others! its through having the courage and understanding that we are imperfect! and accepting ourselves for who we are and believing that we have much to offer others! i do wish it were as easy as winning the lottery!
but there is no such thing as luck!
i believe that i am of worth!
i believe that it will all work for the best!
i believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost!


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