Tuesday, June 29, 2010


yummmm!!!! yumm!! hey! i deserved it!!! 50 mins of pure sweetness!!!
the scent in the air!!! it was it!
yo gracie! love song is soo rad! it reminds me of you :) miss you
"if you want to love and be loved you need to open your heart"
or write a love song..hahaaa...
love song for the cupcake...i mean!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


..growing up i never wanted to speak a second language..
..i absolutely disliked having to respond to my family in spanish..as spanish was the
only language they spoke! so i hid behind the couches...in the bedrooms....in the backyard!
yah that worked for a few years! then it happened..
..i was asked to relearn spanish on my mission..
..and it so happened that i found myself in france....
so...ughh...i had to learn french on top of that!!! ughhhh!!!
but in light of it all!!!
i am grateful for the many languages that do exist in this world!!!


Friday, June 25, 2010


435am..the usual hour and minute of my morning break
450am..lately has been the hour of my early roll outa bed
5am-820ish am..work
9ish-10ish..usual nap
11ish..shower and packing my lunch
9ish..the moment of doubt and wonder

i come home! well drive home from work wondering if dallas were a better fit for me! nice bed..animals..FAMILY..sisters..mom..dad..stevie..free food..arroz con gieso..,mamalinda..100plus temp..and the list goes on and on...
..so yes..to pick up from where i left off...i arrive at the house...and it seems to me that there is never an end to that word....w.o.r.k!?
this photo i guess puts it better than i can!
i need to apply this rule in my life a little more diligently! heck if we all did..think of the change there would be!

no more..

work is indeed what we are here for
and im here in provo to do so

mon ami


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

guess who/what

birthday cake
baret (lit up)
push down lamp
fish bowl
bike tire
skateboard wheel
my heart
the world

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bug eyes

do you ever wonder what it'd be like if we had more than two eyes?!
i think flies generally have like seven..two large compound eyes on the side and then like five small ones gathered in the middle?! hmmm...
today did we sure fly!!! we found ourselves by accident driving on the interstate on this very insect looking scooter!!! it was a rush!!! wheewwww!! i felt like we were making a get away on some hollywood movie! yahh yahhhhhHH! yah for bug eyes!! and making it safe back home!
let us fly on! let us all fly home!

Monday, June 21, 2010

wit my homies....

it keeps rolling..and rolling...and rolling!!!!
you cant stop it!!!
today must had been one of my favorite sundays in a longgggggg time!!!
the work of the Almighty will never stop rolling!!!! you either wit it..ooo..u not!!!!

pops!!!! shout out!!! as long as my world continues to spin around...you'll always be the best pops!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

its a keeper...

mona pond!
big burger shop!
special fry sauce!
yah..thanks for gathering the troops marg! i understand that shout outs arent your thing..



Saturday, June 19, 2010

..the winner is...

the past two night i found myself coming home after super long days at work and just not being in the best of moods!! impatient.annoyed.tired.etc..then there was that notion in the back of my mind that would nag and nag...reminding me that i should and must go running!!! and i was like..nothing is going to cheer me up...how in the world is a 3 mile run going to even get near that!!!! and then it happens!! the magic!! i become the winner!!!!

top reasons i love to run:
  • i get to listen to regina spektor radio
  • i get to put on my super super small shorts
  • i get to spend time with my ipod (Debussie)
  • i get to spend time with myself/speak to myself
  • i get to think about others
  • i get to listen to french music
  • I get to see the reaction on the faces of people as I run by them with a huge smile
  • i get to take a little different journey everyday
  • i get to burn about a fiftieth..opps i meant fifth..of my total daily calorie intake
  • i get to run under the stars
  • i get to play with kater afterwards
  • part 1: i get to take a nice long shower afterwards
  • part 2: i get to use this new body wash i got for free and bath and body works..yah yah
  • there have to been so many more reasons..just cant think right now!
im falling asleep...but here are a few..

so when i believe that not a ray of sunshine is still left in my life/day!! i get out there and run my little hear outt!

it literally and physically brings a humongous smile to face that i can not wipe off!!!
who ever knew?? not me!!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

clip art

long day
long run
long break

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i had this nice sweet old lady help me out with my purchases today! mardi was her name!!! i thought of making a joke of it...ya know..since i speak french and all...but i figured she would have been offended!!! :)

so there it lies...the bag of purchased goods!!!! literally! this buy has had to be the greatest purchase of the year!!!!! you know that word...joy!!!!! hmmm mmm!! yep!!! thats pretty much what is hidden behind the plastic!!!

love it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

purple mountain majesties...

today! we celebrate the birth of Gracie Lama Murrugarra!!
she never had a middle name :)


so grace and i were little would go about telling people that we were artists! and that the songs you heard on the radio station were indeed her and i..hehehee...but gracie and i did in fact write a song...the purple mountain majesties..and we grew up singing this song! the purple mountain majesties...!! we would superman it..you know..one lays on their back while supporting the other on his or her legs..as that other imitates superman! however our game...we imitated being a purple mountain! while singing our song!! the purple mountain majesties...yahhh..
i love this photo i captured today! it depicts what a purple mountain majesty may look like!!
but in all reality! if we look it at the real picture of life..gracie has always been that purple mountain majesty! proud.high above.majestic.beautiful.bringing a nice bright edge to the gloomy skies! yah yah!!!!
i thank the world for her being a part of it! my childhood years wouldnt have been what they were without her! oh purple purple mountain majesties! how i hear yal calling us in the distance! i miss those days! but...

izzz sawwwww guuuuuuuD!!

everyone is happy where we are! and today is where we find true happiness!! today!

happy happy happy birthday..
Sista on da hook
love you

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Osaka Sun Mix



i would hope that you could barely make out what the scale reads...let me explain!!!

today at work!! they let us hit the floor...and let us do..what they call..y jacking..or shadowing! they paired me up with my homie!! you know....tongan.huge.funny.michael jordan sandles...you know...get the picture!? so anyhow..he through me on the phone out of no where!!!!!! i was shaking in my boots!!! anyhow..so what we are really trying to hit home with is the NFL ticket!! super pricy!! and afterwhile...the caller..mikey..ahaha....started to warm up..and by the end of call..BOoom!! sold him!!! ohkay..sooo..when you sell the NFL ticket!! they encourage us to shout out!! yell TOUCHDOWN!!! sooooo...i was sooo pumped!! and i thought that my homie/partner put the phone of mute...WRONG!!!! i realized too late!! i yelled TOUCHDOWN at the top of my lungs...and mikey/the caller...said...excuse me!!!!! aghh!!! i didnt know what to say!! hehee...nevertheless i covered up!! such a great experience for my first call!!! ehehee..

okay...so after a long day at work!!! i was so pumped to start my running schedule!! whewW!! so i went out there and took control of the run!! it felt so gooooD!!! soo anyhow..right before jumping into the shower!! i thought of checking the weight scale!!! and for the oddest reason!!! i saw the heaviest amount of weight i have seen allllllll year!!!!!! hahahaa....how in the world does it work?!?!??!!! sooo...henceforth..the title of draw....
got scored on!!!!
minus touchdown!!

does that make sense?!?!?


Monday, June 14, 2010

well..her name might be bernina..we are not sure yet!! however we do know for fact that she is our new BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!
ive always wanted to own a pair of those skinny super short cut off shorts..and voila!! what a better day than today!!!
we should probably consider a new name..something that really sinks deep in the heart!! for she did bring some new love in our lives!!!! i shall say it was her.kates.i..but kates says it was alllll me and bernina!!! heyy..i did sew my first pair of jeans all by myself tonight!! it was exhilarating!
we were also talking over the sewing project about what we would like to change about ourselves to prepare for that special someone!! more like...special us for having that special someone..but anyhow...i believe i would like creativity to be a attribute that she posses!
although...who am i to say that she needs to be a certain way or not!! i dont think it works that way! plus....everyONE is creative in their own way and mind!!! right!?!?
for now..bernina will have to do!!

more rendez vous's to follow


Sunday, June 13, 2010

get it just right....

its not easy capturing an action photo of a silly bird. they dont like to hold still!!! not really photogenic or perhaps they are...its just this one didnt want us getting near his treasured worm!!! it was indeed a great find!!! i was thinking while i was laying there on my gut..on the grass....there are just some things..we cant control..like getting the perfect shot of a bird! so if the shot is never captured...how do you hold onto it for ever....
...guess you dont....you just have to kind to yourself!! hey...you saw it...and that image can be held in our little minds!!! hmmmm...well at least i think!?
anyone can get it just right!!! anyone!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


ma...i love you!!! today i wore this shirt to work!! i woke up late from my morning nap and it was the first thing i saw! conveniently the world cup began off today however..peru sadly did not make the tournament this year!!!! no worries ma!! maybe next time...nonetheless i represented that red and white!!!! i even ran into an older man at work who served his mission in uruguay and he recognized my shirt and began to speak to me in spanish!! he was sharp!! all these years he had kept up with his spanish and impressively his accent!!!

so at work as i had to kill three and half something hours...i searched online for more t-shirts similar to this one! ma...have i told you that i love it!!!! if not!!

i love it

anyhow...i was searching for more..maybe some i could purchase overseas or something...but no luck! i realized that huanchaco is a city on the shoreline..right ma?! on the beach!! i swear i could spend the rest of my life wearing these t-shirts...yal just have to feel the material on you!!!! for reaaaallllllzzz!!! sooo..yah all i could come up with was city info..activities..etc..no t-shirts!!! that only kept me busy for so long at work!! anyhow ma...i think you should go back and retrieve those t-shirts you bought for us but by accident forget them in peru!! yah!!?? what do you think?! or this could be this reason for us to visit!!

oh tomorrow im wearing my jersey ma! usa plays! wooOO wooO!!!!


Mais kes ki a..

That's prolly what the guys ask themselves when they hear a grown man historically laughing in a bathroom stall.. while they're washing their hands..or fixing their hair.. whatever..
I wouldn't know what they think...I just enjoy being on the other end!!

Et ouiii..

Friday, June 11, 2010


Whopper: 670 cals

Whopper: 670 cals

Spicy Chicken Sandwich: 510 cals

Tacos: 320 cals

Total Calories for Lunch: 2170

Nutritional Grade for the day: F

i was running late for work! yeppp...nor did i have clayton home to prepare me a nice healthy whole wheat sandwich..soo yess...this photo was the result of my tardiness!! hmmm....

its okay though..because alllll day i was looking forward to my night bike ride up the hillsides or "the east bench" of provo as they put it!!! home!! kates! tortilla casserole! bike ride! small small shorts! my favorite part!

soooo...i even downloaded this new application on my phone that tracked my average speed..distance..map track..etc.

took off up there! i was going..flying into the night! cracKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! my lame chain just broke..or something!? im sooo lost when it comes to bikes! soo yes..the only thing i was looking forward to..all day...came to an end!!

NOT!!!! since i had rode all the way to the top! i just cruised down! hair in the wind! you know!! and then i just ran my bike home! he doesnt deserve a name right now! he is in trouble! stayed tuned!! who knows!! we all deserve a second chance!! alright! that was it!!

loved it

my lunch that is




Thursday, June 10, 2010

hands of the artist...

when you were little..would you go to the barber..or hair salon..and take a seat in that grand elevated chair of a ride!!!! and as the hair stylist approached..you just felt it!! hard to describe..yet...kind of like butterflies but on your scalp/head!!! just tingles...tingles and more tingles!!!! no???!!!! and then sadly you grew out of it or either your father would begin to cut your hair and it was just plain out weird to think of such a sensation!!!
i miss those days....that feeling!!!
welllll...tonight...having done sooo much with my peeps and homies...i rediscovered that missing inner peace slash head soothing action!!!

the artist is he or she who determines the worth of their work! yah!! dont say you cant! dont do it! dont be the one who holds yourself back from realizing the beauty behind those gifted hands!! its there!! i promise!! where you stand is the where you begin! dont stop! go help them lil ones discover that feeling..i was describing earlier!!! hahaaa!!! its real!!!! trust me!! i want it!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

shake it up...

do you ever imagine yourself falling..just free falling...maybe from a building..a tree..a longboard..a roof....maybe for someone..well..
let me ask you...how does it end up?
is there something that catches you...someone maybe..do you fall into the arms of that special one..or maybe a super thick blanket being supported by those good ol friends...
..how does it work? how do you end up safe?
what is it that breaks your fall?
i say this rugged, vintage, ten buck pair of sneakers!
yup!! thats what saves me!
they have been through rain, snow, sleet, sun shine, a dance here and there, painting projects etc!
they are way super mature, experienced! they dont really wear their emotions on their laces or anything...no feelings hurt..even when i dont wear them everyday!!
soo..i suppose..ill be safe!!! yah!!! everything will work!! i can count on them from that fall of mine!!!!

jerk ittttttttttttttttttt

sooo...for those of you who fear that fall of yours'....go get ya sum!!!!! trust me!
i love this

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


lu..i know you were wanting to sell..but gawly..you dont have to settle for 9 benjamins!
heheee!! i thought it was ironic today to see this cavalier parked next to my babe! i went to go eat lunch with my car during my lunch break as usual and i was happy to see that these two were spending the day together!

yooo world!!!! maybe you have forgoten!!! but you welcomed..
lauren clayden
into this world 22 years ago!!!!

thanks a bunch for that!!!!
happy happy happy lu
glee might by the album choice of the week.so far it has been

Monday, June 7, 2010

"taking chances"

"dont know much about your life..dont know much about your world.."

this morning i was driving to work..and i put this song on that austin recommended..but the glee rendition!!! wooWWWWww!!!!!!!

i was taking it all in!!! volume at the max!!! head banging with the melody, etc. im sure you get the jest..if you know me!!! kay...so...driving right!! and i see an odd object in the middle of road..?? figured it must have been a tree branch what not!! as i approached it closer and closer it became two objects..and it was almost too late for these poor guys!! two mallards (ducks)!!!!! boy and girl!!! now two things i noticed!!!
  1. first being..and this was incredible! the boy mallard waited til the girl had safely flew off to the side!! the boy literally was chilling under my car! he made sure she made it out first..then he followed!! what a champ!!!!! what a champ!!!!
  2. second being...that these two mallards were not lost! yes...they may have been a few blocks away from their actual home..but we dont know much about their world! they were exploring outside their norm! taking chances! being brave!
luckily they both made it out alive! everything flew forward..including my body..in my car!!! it was scary!!! another day for them mallards to live..to enjoy..to start again!!!!!

i hope there isnt much metal to clean up this morning.hope it too for me :)

nous pas moi

can you see that smile over the horizon...just right there..hiding behind this glorious "Y" mountain!!!! its there..i promise!

this was my sunday shot. i havent taken any photos the past two days. which is odd because austin came down to visit and i dont like to see a moment go by not captured..hey i have like less than three months before im a lone mear deat!

soo yah..that goes to explain the reason ive fallen behind on my blog! could i just make mention though..its been the best week!!!

i read this book and it explained this imaginative illness that we can all catch..its called. the me disease.. its when everything in the world..you believe..revolves around you..me this me that...but its mine..or..but it'll make me feel this...or...me me me me..
so coming home, i wasnt to fond of having people ask me how my mission was...yes it was and still is important to help others feel what i had felt but it was always just about me!! didnt like it too much. i try to stay away from that now and im learning how to focus on others and considering what they are going through.
its scary though.
i become very vulnerable by taking that risk. that spirit of 110% commitment and just that energy. sure it can pay off in the end..and in my opinion.. it should pay off and totally be worth it. but sometimes its not picture perfect...
there has to be..you.. and i am trying to also accept...i/me..has a place in the picture..but i heard there is also exists another entity involved...us...one that we all forgot about..
beats me...hahaa..im learning how all this works..one thing i do know though..is that..this..me disease... is the last thing i want to catch..i want to be able to focus on the individual needs and interests of..you..and i guess itll help also help if i focus on..me/my.. needs and interests but thats something personal i need to work on!
these types of posts usually turn me off..hahaha!! and my intention was to share a few thoughts i have been having! thats it..we can happy. we won't be forced to be happy. but it is what makes the world go around.
that photo i took today isn't picture perfect but "it doesn't have to be perfect"

ehhhhh s'allllll goooooood doughhhhhh

there lies a smile at the end of every road worthwhile...
and all i can do is smile

seven fold paper theory is half false.i did seven and half

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dragon fly..






Dragon flies

What do they all have in common??

They all grow..together..every day.. or they can.. when we choose to let em..

I'm happy

Thursday, June 3, 2010

c'est vraiiiii

It does happen!

You can either take it off too early or too late..

Getting it just right is super hard! almost impossible..Dipping and testing.. dipping and testing..and dipping and testing all over again....but hey..

It can happen..bygawlee.. it's happening :)

Our rights our wrongs

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

pas de peur

no need to be afraid!!! I don't even know why that word exists..who invented it!??!

in the face of grief and sorrow..is when you should and must embrace allllll that makes you happy!! well that's..at least what my super sweet friend says!!!! and she is right!!!!!

boy meets girl.pas de peur

day one.survived.work that is :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

kate is great!

"no need to say goodbye!!!"
the call
regina spektor


...it's not real....

this may not be a love story
but it sure does have the effects of one
let me half way explain why..i'm still trying to understand so bear with me..
this is how i feel
  • i want to fall for her the first time i see her
  • i want to have an awkward elevator with her
  • i want to sing karaoke with her
  • i want to kiss her in the copy room
  • i want to make believe with her
  • i want to hold her hand in ikea
  • i want the city to dance with me
  • i want to draw on her forearm
  • i want to just be happy with no labels
to be continued...

this doesn't happen!!!
if it does!? please let me know!!!!!

ben..si c'est posible..on y va

let your memories grow stronger and stronger....it'll happen...even if it's not real....

you can barely make it out..but under all the magnificent works of art we did today..you can see a finish line drew up in white chalk!!!! what is it about a finish line that brings such a feeling of accomplishment..of fulfillment?? life is a long race...and everyday..we should be on a-game..preparing ourselves to cross that finish line!! its incredible what a small amount of belief can do for one!! when you running up..or..more like crawling up that dreadful steep hill of life...only to realize that once you have mounted it...there lies another ahead!! and another..and another and another!!!! you can't give up!!! you must never give up!! never!! because on the other side of one of those monstrous hills...the finish awaits you!!!! yess!! and that knowledge and assurance of making it to the end!!! yesssss!!!! that feeling will be worth all the pain!!!!!!! just ask a state capitol half marathon champion!!!

champ champ

memorial day.we remember you all