Friday, June 11, 2010


Whopper: 670 cals

Whopper: 670 cals

Spicy Chicken Sandwich: 510 cals

Tacos: 320 cals

Total Calories for Lunch: 2170

Nutritional Grade for the day: F

i was running late for work! yeppp...nor did i have clayton home to prepare me a nice healthy whole wheat sandwich..soo yess...this photo was the result of my tardiness!! hmmm....

its okay though..because alllll day i was looking forward to my night bike ride up the hillsides or "the east bench" of provo as they put it!!! home!! kates! tortilla casserole! bike ride! small small shorts! my favorite part!

soooo...i even downloaded this new application on my phone that tracked my average track..etc.

took off up there! i was going..flying into the night! cracKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! my lame chain just broke..or something!? im sooo lost when it comes to bikes! soo yes..the only thing i was looking forward to..all day...came to an end!!

NOT!!!! since i had rode all the way to the top! i just cruised down! hair in the wind! you know!! and then i just ran my bike home! he doesnt deserve a name right now! he is in trouble! stayed tuned!! who knows!! we all deserve a second chance!! alright! that was it!!

loved it

my lunch that is




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  1. oh my im pretty sure i laughed out loud in the computer lab!