Saturday, June 19, 2010

..the winner is...

the past two night i found myself coming home after super long days at work and just not being in the best of moods!! impatient.annoyed.tired.etc..then there was that notion in the back of my mind that would nag and nag...reminding me that i should and must go running!!! and i was like..nothing is going to cheer me in the world is a 3 mile run going to even get near that!!!! and then it happens!! the magic!! i become the winner!!!!

top reasons i love to run:
  • i get to listen to regina spektor radio
  • i get to put on my super super small shorts
  • i get to spend time with my ipod (Debussie)
  • i get to spend time with myself/speak to myself
  • i get to think about others
  • i get to listen to french music
  • I get to see the reaction on the faces of people as I run by them with a huge smile
  • i get to take a little different journey everyday
  • i get to burn about a fiftieth..opps i meant fifth..of my total daily calorie intake
  • i get to run under the stars
  • i get to play with kater afterwards
  • part 1: i get to take a nice long shower afterwards
  • part 2: i get to use this new body wash i got for free and bath and body works..yah yah
  • there have to been so many more reasons..just cant think right now!
im falling asleep...but here are a few..

so when i believe that not a ray of sunshine is still left in my life/day!! i get out there and run my little hear outt!

it literally and physically brings a humongous smile to face that i can not wipe off!!!
who ever knew?? not me!!!!


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