Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...it's not real....

this may not be a love story
but it sure does have the effects of one
let me half way explain why..i'm still trying to understand so bear with me..
this is how i feel
  • i want to fall for her the first time i see her
  • i want to have an awkward elevator with her
  • i want to sing karaoke with her
  • i want to kiss her in the copy room
  • i want to make believe with her
  • i want to hold her hand in ikea
  • i want the city to dance with me
  • i want to draw on her forearm
  • i want to just be happy with no labels
to be continued...

this doesn't happen!!!
if it does!? please let me know!!!!!

ben..si c'est posible..on y va

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