Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i would hope that you could barely make out what the scale reads...let me explain!!!

today at work!! they let us hit the floor...and let us do..what they call..y jacking..or shadowing! they paired me up with my homie!! you know....tongan.huge.funny.michael jordan sandles...you know...get the picture!? so anyhow..he through me on the phone out of no where!!!!!! i was shaking in my boots!!! anyhow..so what we are really trying to hit home with is the NFL ticket!! super pricy!! and afterwhile...the caller..mikey..ahaha....started to warm up..and by the end of call..BOoom!! sold him!!! ohkay..sooo..when you sell the NFL ticket!! they encourage us to shout out!! yell TOUCHDOWN!!! sooooo...i was sooo pumped!! and i thought that my homie/partner put the phone of mute...WRONG!!!! i realized too late!! i yelled TOUCHDOWN at the top of my lungs...and mikey/the caller...said...excuse me!!!!! aghh!!! i didnt know what to say!! hehee...nevertheless i covered up!! such a great experience for my first call!!! ehehee..

okay...so after a long day at work!!! i was so pumped to start my running schedule!! whewW!! so i went out there and took control of the run!! it felt so gooooD!!! soo anyhow..right before jumping into the shower!! i thought of checking the weight scale!!! and for the oddest reason!!! i saw the heaviest amount of weight i have seen allllllll year!!!!!! hahahaa....how in the world does it work?!?!??!!! sooo...henceforth..the title of draw....
got scored on!!!!
minus touchdown!!

does that make sense?!?!?


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