Monday, June 7, 2010

nous pas moi

can you see that smile over the horizon...just right there..hiding behind this glorious "Y" mountain!!!! its there..i promise!

this was my sunday shot. i havent taken any photos the past two days. which is odd because austin came down to visit and i dont like to see a moment go by not captured..hey i have like less than three months before im a lone mear deat!

soo yah..that goes to explain the reason ive fallen behind on my blog! could i just make mention though..its been the best week!!!

i read this book and it explained this imaginative illness that we can all catch..its called. the me disease.. its when everything in the believe..revolves around this me that...but its mine..or..but it'll make me feel me me me..
so coming home, i wasnt to fond of having people ask me how my mission was...yes it was and still is important to help others feel what i had felt but it was always just about me!! didnt like it too much. i try to stay away from that now and im learning how to focus on others and considering what they are going through.
its scary though.
i become very vulnerable by taking that risk. that spirit of 110% commitment and just that energy. sure it can pay off in the end..and in my opinion.. it should pay off and totally be worth it. but sometimes its not picture perfect...
there has to and i am trying to also accept...i/me..has a place in the picture..but i heard there is also exists another entity that we all forgot about..
beats learning how all this thing i do know disease... is the last thing i want to catch..i want to be able to focus on the individual needs and interests i guess itll help also help if i focus needs and interests but thats something personal i need to work on!
these types of posts usually turn me off..hahaha!! and my intention was to share a few thoughts i have been having! thats it..we can happy. we won't be forced to be happy. but it is what makes the world go around.
that photo i took today isn't picture perfect but "it doesn't have to be perfect"

ehhhhh s'allllll goooooood doughhhhhh

there lies a smile at the end of every road worthwhile...
and all i can do is smile

seven fold paper theory is half false.i did seven and half

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  1. life is interesting in what it dishes out to us, its a good thing you have great friends!