Monday, June 7, 2010

"taking chances"

"dont know much about your life..dont know much about your world.."

this morning i was driving to work..and i put this song on that austin recommended..but the glee rendition!!! wooWWWWww!!!!!!!

i was taking it all in!!! volume at the max!!! head banging with the melody, etc. im sure you get the jest..if you know me!!! right!! and i see an odd object in the middle of road..?? figured it must have been a tree branch what not!! as i approached it closer and closer it became two objects..and it was almost too late for these poor guys!! two mallards (ducks)!!!!! boy and girl!!! now two things i noticed!!!
  1. first being..and this was incredible! the boy mallard waited til the girl had safely flew off to the side!! the boy literally was chilling under my car! he made sure she made it out first..then he followed!! what a champ!!!!! what a champ!!!!
  2. second being...that these two mallards were not lost! yes...they may have been a few blocks away from their actual home..but we dont know much about their world! they were exploring outside their norm! taking chances! being brave!
luckily they both made it out alive! everything flew forward..including my my car!!! it was scary!!! another day for them mallards to start again!!!!!

i hope there isnt much metal to clean up this morning.hope it too for me :)

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