Monday, June 14, 2010

well..her name might be bernina..we are not sure yet!! however we do know for fact that she is our new BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!
ive always wanted to own a pair of those skinny super short cut off shorts..and voila!! what a better day than today!!!
we should probably consider a new name..something that really sinks deep in the heart!! for she did bring some new love in our lives!!!! i shall say it was her.kates.i..but kates says it was alllll me and bernina!!! heyy..i did sew my first pair of jeans all by myself tonight!! it was exhilarating!
we were also talking over the sewing project about what we would like to change about ourselves to prepare for that special someone!! more like...special us for having that special someone..but anyhow...i believe i would like creativity to be a attribute that she posses!
although...who am i to say that she needs to be a certain way or not!! i dont think it works that way! plus....everyONE is creative in their own way and mind!!! right!?!?
for now..bernina will have to do!!

more rendez vous's to follow



  1. we have got to get her a name!!! way to go on your shorts!

  2. John, all I have to say is don't wear out Bernina. give her her space ;)
    Love you