Saturday, June 12, 2010


ma...i love you!!! today i wore this shirt to work!! i woke up late from my morning nap and it was the first thing i saw! conveniently the world cup began off today however..peru sadly did not make the tournament this year!!!! no worries ma!! maybe next time...nonetheless i represented that red and white!!!! i even ran into an older man at work who served his mission in uruguay and he recognized my shirt and began to speak to me in spanish!! he was sharp!! all these years he had kept up with his spanish and impressively his accent!!!

so at work as i had to kill three and half something hours...i searched online for more t-shirts similar to this one! ma...have i told you that i love it!!!! if not!!

i love it

anyhow...i was searching for more..maybe some i could purchase overseas or something...but no luck! i realized that huanchaco is a city on the shoreline..right ma?! on the beach!! i swear i could spend the rest of my life wearing these t-shirts...yal just have to feel the material on you!!!! for reaaaallllllzzz!!! sooo..yah all i could come up with was city t-shirts!!! that only kept me busy for so long at work!! anyhow ma...i think you should go back and retrieve those t-shirts you bought for us but by accident forget them in peru!! yah!!?? what do you think?! or this could be this reason for us to visit!!

oh tomorrow im wearing my jersey ma! usa plays! wooOO wooO!!!!


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  1. John, you are right Huanchaco is a beach and was my gang out place as a teen, when I had money for the bus to take us there :) (20min from home?, great fun) and yes next year our laggage will come back full of those T-shirts, its in the plans. I can't hardly wait. Our fam in Peru? my Dream come true :)