Monday, May 16, 2011

status quo


I wonder sometimes whether I should start up a twitter account kinda like homeboy up there! and then I quickly rid that idea out of my brain! ya see..I am almost completely against status updates on facebook! but strangely enough I enjoy scanning over all the thoughts published on that social network!

yet here I find myself drinking a coca and munching on some petits pains au chocolate while waiting for my train heading into paris! I kinda love this dior sport cologne I sprayed on this morning which actually belongs to oliviers papa! I cant help but admire the beauty of these two young ladies sitting next to me. all the while bumping to j.b!

so ya see…I actually do think that status updates can accomplish great things! too bad I don’t have mobile internet out here! ill think about all this again when I step foot upon american soil! my social network!




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