Thursday, May 19, 2011




mavs owned it yesterdayyy!! the match tipped off at 3AM over here and I was losing my patience! I watched the first quarter and was regretting that I had done such a foolish thing! staying up! I mean! for real? yes!? YES! well I took a nap during the second quarter! I happened to wake for third quarter and we were back on top!! I decided my body had had enough!! slept through the forth quarter and woke up this morning to a nice surprise!

we WON! ridDIRKulous!!!!

now I feel like homegurl up on top!!!

after a long day in the hot sun! not to mention spending it at the Porte D’Auteil Stadium also known as Roland Garos which happens to be hosting the French Open, I feel I must say “bonne nuit”




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  1. orange juice, plenty of water and good night rest does the body good :)