Sunday, May 15, 2011

sacred heart

ya see!? words can do little to illustrate my parisian surroundings here and especially when they are my own!! so the week before I left america, I thought..I should purchase a video camera thus making my trip a bit more visually accessible to all those curious eyes back home! well, I havent used it but maybe a whole minute worth of film! nothing to fear though guys! its been two weeks and ive got like three months left!! I always think about filming every monumental site I have been privileged to see but my prof has me focusing on various artistic/photographic styles so my nikon has become a part of body!

ohkay! anways! gunna make this short and simple! I love music! I love crowds! love sunny afternoons! I love looking over paris! I love not having any pending assignments on the agenda! I love marriages! and I love french africans attempting to sing american top hits!

montmarte is definitely one of my favorite corners paris has to offer. just right above it lies the sacre coeur! and it sure caught my heart today! I wish I could bring you ALL here on a sunday afternoon!



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