Thursday, May 26, 2011

pan…peter pan…




brantypants!! take a look! yeppp! that’s holy red tierra all ovaaa my socks!!

one of the most expensive if not the most luxurious shopping mall in france is known as les galleries lafayette!! well, ya see…just right up on top on the 8th etage can be found a magnificent almost over the top, if ya know what I mean, patio that overlooks the city! and much to my surprise they have installed a tennis court imitating those at roland garos! I got to sign for a session against a professional coach of la federation! they gave me a pair of nice adidas tennis shoes and a super nice racquet..that brand that starts with a b! heeeE! anyways! I got my game on for the first time on clay and I owned it!! well! the coach owned me!!! but yah I thought of you brant! and I guess kylie!! haaa! I cant wait to step back on kiwanis pavement!!




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  1. Holy Chips I can't believe this!!! That is so awesome that you were able to do that. You will have to call me and tell me everything that he taught you about clay because I have never played on it before!! You are a real tennis man now!