Tuesday, March 6, 2012

one of those days



its like each monday morning I find my self weaker than I should be feeling. youd think that after the weekend id be energized, ready and set to go onto a new week however recently it hasn’t been the case! lunch break was the highlight of my afternoon! sun was out and I decided to try out a new restaurant one of our clients just opened! hot and sour soup! though I was excited to enjoy my meal I sort of shut off? my appetite quickly disappeared! I jumped back on the floor at work yet my cheer was slowly fading! I thought, man am I being weird! I had little motivation to changing my attitude! I finished up at work and came on home! passed out on the couch I had the idea to go on a run! VOILA! the answer to many questions of mine! it was prime time weather for a run! i put the ear phones and I took off on my routine run! the music set the tone and completely changed the mood I was feeling! there comes a point in the run where I see a bike gang riding along side me! I almost felt like as if they were a pack of deer taking a nightly stroll! of course I felt the urge of running along side of them and trying to keep up I felt an extra boost in my step! two worlds running forward side by side! that’s what it sure felt like! I was so darn happy! they eventually left me behind and I found myself huffing and puffing as I told my body to keep climbing! all of sudden I almost feel that I am being followed! as if I am not alone! ironically! I take a glance behind me and I see me! I see my shadow! just trailing behind! keeping up! it just goes to say that we are never alone! just the power and potential of our very being can be scary! I almost jumped when I realized that I was he who was following me! ive always heard of that our greatest fear is that we don’t quite fully see our potential! there you go! believe what you will but I’ll tell you what we have such a neat gift to change our feelings, our mood and our very nature! of course we are not in it alone! I finished my run as I watched the moon rise over the mountain tops! I smiled!