Friday, October 28, 2011

nah! we shouldn’t! especially if we want to be these two one day!!

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I read in an article this evening that “Marathons damage your heart” there were actually nine other irrational reasons here why one shouldn’t run a marathon! but I got to thinking! what if this first claim was true! then is life a waste for our hearts are being weakened with each passing day!? yah right! I signed up for this plan! I signed up to hurt! I signed up to run through thick and thin! I signed up to run through and well pass the finish line! but sometimes we need a rest! sometimes our heart needs to heal! it is okay to take a time out under the right circumstances! but taking that appropriate rest and or not taking it doesn’t damage our heart! our heart is what keeps the plan in motion! our heart pumps life back into us as we are running the endless present marathons! and it also keeps the life within us while we take a rest from it all!



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  1. I completely agree!!! I hear this too all the time. But I'm still gonna do it! 26.2! You with me?!

    The end.