Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sleep to sleep



things seem to fall into place when you take control.

I woke up early ready to head into work today only to check my calendar right as I am leaving. turns out I had three hours to kill. three hours to effectively use. better put. and I sure did.

I got an art wall project done and done.

I went to go see the other guys. still in the works.

I had a healthy lunch.

I felt the day change.

you see. it was productive indeed.

there were only about two things that killed today. I didn’t get to call my mother back. and I didn’t get to see jessica.

I loved my conversations at work today. totally engaged. and speaking of engaged. we got a ton of newly weds coming in right as school starts depositing their checks and money they received as wedding gifts I suppose. I always rejoice with them.

one thing to be said. well. context first. today a buddy of mine is just brushing his teeth under a tree in the shadows of the night. he thought he was being sneaky. nothing escapes my eyes. he told me he had so much on his plate. overwhelmed with emotions. I asked what he was going to do about it. he said. I am going to sleep. I cant control this. if I go to sleep. it all ends. I said. woah man. first of all. who do we need to talk to about this. lets go to the source. he said that individual was out of reach for tonight. I offered my help but I guess its not the same. I finished by saying hey man. be where you are tonight. feel it. there is a time and place for all feelings and emotions. deal with it. be a big boy. you need it. don’t go to sleep. because it will be there in the morning. it will wake up with you. so. just be there. feel it out. talk to whomever if needed. and lets gain control back. I think he is okay. he kept brushing his teeth. we hugged it out. and I continued on my way.




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  1. You are such good friend. I want to see your art project!