Sunday, June 17, 2012

roly poly



so a bud says “I knew you couldn’t make it without a woman"

and here is the proof I presume.

there is something thrilling about fire. eeee. fire. rarrrrr.

there is also something thrilling about spooking yourself out for no reason at all. like psyching yourself out. fun.

so yesterday halls and I were a little fed up with civilization and their persistent ways in regards to being one with the nature. there were so many people in the mountains yesterday. we were trying to get as far as possible from human life so it took us a little while on our hike. along the trail we straight up enter a military base camp. yah. youre telling me. or something of that nature. tents everywhere. activity things set up. dinner tables. uhhh. port-a-potties. trucks. it was very eerie. a little spooky. an abandoned warzone sort of feel. I felt like I was playing one of dads computer war games. I guess the nice thing was that they had left ALL their supplies behind. mirrors. clocks. food. water. hand sanitizer. shovels. gasoline. firewood. etc. ha. so we had the option of camping really cushy but we left all of it. well. besides the hand sanitizer. they would of wanted us to take it. promise. we actually set up camp a few hundred yards south of their camp site almost fearing that some huge military group was going to run by our camp site through out the night or something. well, after setting up camp and eating dins and deserts I decided to try the toilet. the sun was completely down but I thought itd be okay without a flashlight. I grabbed the toilet paper we brought and hiked up to the port-a-potties. I arrived and there is still no life to be found at the camp site. whew. thank heavens for my belly. I jumped in one of the twelve. and as I am setting up I hear noise outside. I slowly and quietly lock the door and turn my phone light off. and it began. my mind went crazy. I feared that someone was just waiting for my exit. I feared they would kidnap me. adultnap. kidnap. ME. I didn’t want to leave. I stayed locked up for ever it seems. I finally gathered enough courage to finish up and head back to the camp site. don’t think I didn’t take my knife out ready for carnage as I stepped out the toilet. because I definitely did. I walked out and nothing. no one. whew. I hiked my towards halls and then I began to worry there. what if someone was just waiting for me to leave to come in on her. no. why did I leave. why? I began to run back and I took my knife back out. the whole time I am asking myself “why am I a such a scaredy cat”? I thought of all the ways I could manage to fend someone off. the holds. the grapples. the maneuvers. etc. I see the fire from a distant. no halls. but the closer and closer I get I seem to make a headlamp out. I slowed completely down. I didn’t want to scare anyone else. she actually had been thinking similarly and was ready to come rescue me. ha. oh man. what would’ve I done?

there is evil out there. there is also good out there. out here. where we stand. where we use a port-a-potty.



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