Sunday, June 3, 2012




cade likes to call me t-rex. I feel like children are becoming more and more adult like these days.

a peak into an episode of his childhood diaries.

he comes storming into the house. I ask what was wrong. his pops and grandmother needed to get some things done inside so he had no one to push him. it was actually lunch time. I told him that he could “ask” if it would be alright if I went out and played with him. he was determined to obtain permission. I hear his stomp into the next room and I hear "john is going outside with me to go push me” I didn’t hear the response. but he hopelessly comes back into the room with his head down. I told him that he needed to ask instead of demand for permission. he was to stubborn to do so.

so I guess, he is still a kid. not an adult.




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