Monday, May 7, 2012



ballooon and me

what would you like know?

I have a lot to share. obviously. right? it was my birthday weekend after all.

at lunch today. we went around the table recounting our highs and lows of the week. let me tell you about one of my highs. my literal high.

I purchased 24 helium-filled balloons after work friday. all sorts of colors. as you can see. I invited some friends over to the house. I had them write their wishes on small pieces of paper. we all secretly kept them to ourselves. after folding them in small perfect squares we fastened them to the balloon strings. along with a glow stick each. and after singing that popular birthday song together we released our wishes into the dark blue sky. they flew upwards and away but before we knew it a few of them headed towards an extra large tree across the street. sadly, the tree very selfishly swallowed some up in his branches. the others successfully made it to the heavens. as for the ones who were temporally being asked to wait we felt sad for them. the morning after the balloons were no where to be found. by patiently waiting, they were automatically translated or something into the heavens. you see. patience pays off.

It was a magical moment. one of the many highs of the weekend.

I just wanted to add that my wish was that your wishes come true.




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