Saturday, December 1, 2012

give me a bite of that apple

so what do you want to know? 
tips on surviving a natural disaster?
tips on surviving a week-long get-a-way in New York City?
tips on surviving a relationship gone foreign?
all this and more to follow.
IMAG4272let me introduce to you to the victims
                             IMAG4330        IMAG4305
jsm – jam
john spencer murrugarra – jessica anna myers         
  IMAG4544    IMAG4394
tips on surviving a natural disaster
  • go to church (st. paul’s cathedral if possible)
  • believe in the east coast along with biggie (central figure in East Coast hip-hop scene
  • find kybo for she lives in the safest part of Manhattan 
          IMAG4335     IMAG4312
          IMAG4342     IMAG4458
          IMAG4392    IMAG4350
tips on surviving a week-long get-a-way in New York City
  • look for all the free events and attractions
  • check out Time Square at night for free
  • check out the moma on friday nights for free
  • take a free tour of central park (there are so many available)
  • pre-arrange a free tour of the 9/11 memorial
  • check out community gardens in brooklyn
          IMAG4510     IMAG4356
               IMAG4383    IMAG4569
tips of surviving a relationship gone foreign
  • take long walks together
  • talk to each other
  • laugh with and at each other
  • visit as many local produce markets together
  • take a break on a park bench
  • parks parks barks (I mean admire all the little dogs)
  • fake it until you make it (sort of real)
  • remember she is a beauty in a beautiful world
  • remember your friends (best friends and family)
  • take violent-windy-romantic ferry rides over the hudson river
  • love luv lav lev liiv love
now take my advice and run like the wind far far far from the dark coast of our miseries and hurricanes! find the inland with yourselves and there will be calmness and peace that awaits you at home! we can survive the state of emergency that surrounds us. love. friends. family. love.
we have each other until the end. but lets face it. there is never an end.

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  1. JOhn, you guys look super cute and happy. these photos are lovely.