Friday, July 27, 2012

olav(cito) diego(cito)


olav diego

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OLAV         DIEGO              JOHN

it finally came and went. I was just flipping through some tweets on twitter and found one last year back in september talking about peru. wow. just like that. and same goes to say for these kiddos. I actually extended my stay home so I could see these friends. it worked out because lee is also moving up to Utah this weekend so I get to help with the drive. but oh how I forgot what it is to be 13! they are monsters! they will eat everything! of course their choice of food in Switzerland isnt quite the same so they indulge while they can. I felt like an older brother. well. I feel like an older brother everyday while spending time with the girls but to be an older to boys isnt the same. I was there. I remember somewhat I guess what its like. I met these kids about four years ago. they grown up so much. I don’t really wonder what will become of our relationship in the coming years. its just something I don’t do. I leave today from texas with my mother and lee so I wont be seeing them again for a while. but that’s the approach I usually have. no worries. no fear. no need to wonder. whether I see them next week, in a year or seven. I know I will see them again. its belief in the real beautiful relationships that make up our lives. without them we wouldn’t have much. you know what I mean.


provo will see us tomorrow. im happy.

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