Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tight spots

I once heard that older women experience a change within
      their body. No more of that. But in exchange the have random
      streaks of heat. Is this true. Maybe I have it backwards?
      Anyway. The older I get. The more heat I can handle. I mean.
      Growing in Texas. Boy was I hot. Hot. Hottttt. It's a
      different heat in comparison with Utah. Nonetheless I am able
      to stack five layers of clothing on my body and be fine even
      comfortable. I like. And to add we are loading the aircraft.
      So its a tight squeeze. You love enclosed areas. I bet you
      love flying for this reason? I have an isle seat. Yah son.
      I'm alone again. As long as the others are in pairs. I am
      good. Well. Back to flying. I don't like rules. Don't force
      me to do anything. I will obey. But. Just. You know. 

      Okay. So I ate something rather well..idk but I guess its
      given me gas. Well you know when its going have a stench or
      not. This was tricky. I didn't know what this one was going
      to smell like. Well. I let a couple sneak out and they were
      not pleasant. So bad that my neighbor pulled out her mask.
      Ee. Know I face a problem. Do a just got rapid fire since she
      can't smell them anyway. Hmm. What does he do? Me. I mean.

      O tight spots. 

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