Monday, July 9, 2012

Good stuff

Sometimes good music is just enough. Beirut and I have been getting along really well these days.
I feel as if I need to be sharing this delicious breakfast with someone but the girls say Peruvian breakfast is not their thing. Guess they'd prefer to sleep. Who gets sleep. I just took a huge gulp of water for the first time since arriving in Peru. All we have drinking is their famous Inca Kola. We know what kind of damage Mexican water can do so we've tried to keep our distance. However last night we went midnight.treat shopping a bought a couple of cases of agua! Hmmmm! This isn't bad at all. They're serving exoctic fruit drinks here. So so soo good! I've tried to imagine a couple of times already what it would be like to be Here alone. And I go crazy at the thought. I really do. I love being on my own. Even this solo breakfast season is quite satisfying but if you can't tell..I prefer sharing my experiences with others. Sharing my life. Even with the entire internet blogging community. I just a balance. But for now. I will love this. I will cherish my family time. I am proud of us today. We have an excellent agenda planned out in Lima. Come with us. Salut John Pro.sketcher.babe with

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