Saturday, July 7, 2012



I don’t spend much time watching t.v it is definitely a past time. gracie, lee, lex and I would watch hours and hours of t.v during our long hot summer days growing up. we didn’t install cable till late. so we would even settle on watching infomercials. when I left home for school I quickly found that t.v is a luxury especially cable t.v. we now have a d.t.v. and I will occasionally watch a ball game. but nothing more. I am sitting here now waiting for our departure. and this is my view. first of all. I love tennis. I love playing tennis. and surprisingly I love watching tennis. I love Wimbledon. I love London. I love France. and Tsonga (French) is playing. so. as you can tell. I am sort of loving this moment. I am okay with being a tennis fan. I don’t think I am fine with being a t.v fan. no. nope.



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