Sunday, July 3, 2011

je me suis fait avoir



my first week in marseille I took a stroll down one of the main shopping strips downtown and right outside a store I had just been it stood a modest sized nut stand with a friendly older man waiting for people to come purchase some nuts! he was selling maple candy roasted cashews slash peanuts which lured me his way! ya see when I was in paris each sunday we or at least I would spend my after up at mont marte and I could smell the sweet roasty smell in the air coming from a monsieur who had set up show along the basilica! I thought of my mother each time! she loves those peanuts from town east mall!!! anyways I never tried those in paris but I decided to go for it this time! I loved themm! I munched down on every last crumb! I saw him one last time as I took off from ville that evening! I told him that if Id ever see him again I would definitely buy some more!! wellllllllll…

…last night nathan and I took our spanish princesses out the coast! la playa! we each just received a spanish intern who will be working with us! the weather wasn’t top! a bit windy! chilly! and the water was deceivingly freezing! of course we took a dip though! and as we laid there a saw a gentleman yelling out as he handing people samples of his peanuts! I yelled him down asking to try out what he had there! he approached us and dropped on his knees to greet me! he wouldn’t drop the first time we had met! he shouted out that he had a deal for me! I pulled my 2 euro piece by accident and his took advantage! he threw me three bags of peanuts and said that he was throwing one in for free! I said, alrighttt…here ya go! he took off with my money! I love that feeling when you’ve worked the system for your benefit and come out with more! well we laid there eating up on our tasty snacks when I saw him pass us one last time as he yelled..special buy two and ill give you the third for free!!! I was outraged! I couldn’t believe! there was he was! he made my day! he made me feel like a special customer leading me to believe that I had just got a deal of a lifetime! but noooo!! he was offering the same deal to EVERYONE ELSE!! nathan, very wise stated..john you don’t need a peanut man to tell you that youre special!!! haaaaa!! amen brothaaa!! I am kindaa special! like in the weird sense! haa!



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